SNAKEBITE – Princess Of Pain (debut album hard to find on CD)

SNAKEBITE - Princess Of Pain (debut album) full

Delivering 10 rocking pieces of classic US styled hard rock, Germany’s SNAKEBITE are presenting their debut CD “Princess Of Pain”. Seems the guys have been picking through their daddy’s record collection, because they rock like it’s 1987.You know, “Princess Of Pain” delivers classic melodic hard rock with some edge.
Following their Eighties’ predecessors, the band likely leans more to the leather and denim party metal than the make up and hairspray of sleazy glam metal. Yes, Snakebite love the late ’80s Sunset Strip scene, but you can’t deny their Germanic origins into the sound.
So, their sound on this debut is like a blend of an early TWISTED SISTER with SCORPIONS, with some VICE (late 80s German band), SHARK ISLAND and BIG RAT in between.

The core of their sound & songwriting is melody, harmony and groove mostly coming from the twin guitar attack in a true US fashion and harmonic vocal arrangements. Speaking about the vocals, Dominik “Nikki” Wagner’s delivery is straightforward, singing clean and sharp. Also, typical of the genre, Snakebite uses lots of gang vocals in their arrangements.

Al songs are driven by the very well assembled guitars creating a compact rhythm, while the groove comes from the simple fact that these are hard rock songs, with the moving rhythm section completing the picture. Often times, you can really pick up the bass line, a good thing, as within ‘Break The Spell’, ‘Cry For Rock’ and title track ‘Princess Of Pain’. Also typical of the genre, Snakebite’s guitarists delivers an abundance of sharp guitar solos.
To mention a few other songs, Snakebite spit out a nice metal anthem with underdog motivational song ‘We Rise’. Also, there’s ‘After Dark’, a quieter ballad number making good use of acoustic guitar before rising to stronger riffs and a nice solo.

SNAKEBITE - Princess Of Pain (2015) inside

For some, Snakebite may sound too much dated in “Princess Of Pain”, for others – and if you are reading this blog belong to this second row – this is a really enjoyable ’80s styled hard rock record. Just check the artwork.
If the Snakebite boys were listening to their parents’ Twisted Sister, Motley Crue or Quiet Riot records, they were quick learners. They basically nail the genre, from start to finish.

They say they represent timeless and authentic hard rock and they’re not far off, to their credit. Snakebite are looking way beyond their homeland and with this release they’ll sure travel lands that once seemed beyond them. They distance themselves from the masquerade and ‘comedy’ acts that float around the scene and are clear with their no bullshit, no fakery, no compromise attitude.
“Princess Of Pain” is a damn good debut album that will make you believe their statements.
Highly Recommended


01 – Road to Nowhere
02 – Cry for Rock
03 – Draw the Line
04 – Live It Up
05 – After Dark
06 – Princess of Pain
07 – Bound to Lose
08 – All or Nothing
09 – Break the Spell
10 – We Rise

Dominik “Nikki” Wagner – Vocals, Guitar
Alex Lacroix – Bass
Martin Gerloff – Guitar
Julian Fischer – Drums



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