SNAKEBITE – 100 Desperate Hearts Live (2020)

SNAKEBITE - 100 Desperate Hearts Live (2020) full

With their blend of 80s American hair metal and modern Euro melodic hard rock, SNAKEBITE is one of the strongest and best bands from the genre recently appeared. Now the guys are presenting “100 Desperate Hearts Live“.
I always wonder why younger bands don’t release a live record early on in their career? Perhaps it’s as simple as those younger bands don’t sound that great in a live setting. That certainly is not the case with SNAKEBITE who offer a scorching 12 song set on ”100 Desperate Hearts Live” with a harder edge delivery than what can be found on their two full-length studio albums ‘Princess of Pain’ and ‘Rise of The Snake’ while maintaining their great melodies and harmonies.

While I had a feeling that SNAKEBITE were going to deliver a harder edge sound musically on ”100 Desperate Hearts Live” (which I really like) I wasn’t quite sure how frontman Dominic Wagner‘s vocals would sound in a live setting.
I am pleased to state that Wagner‘s singing is fantastic here. I always have had a thing for higher pitched voices so his vocals fall well into my preferred wheelhouse singing wise.

There’s a real sense of urgency and excitement that you can feel when listening to ”100 Desperate Hearts Live”. The track list is well balanced between the band’s two full-length studio albums with six tracks from Princess of Pain and six from Rise of The Snake.
Funny enough, some of my favourite songs off Rise of The Snake such as “Heroes of The Unknown,” “Aiming High” and “Fields of Glory” didn’t make it onto 100 Desperate Hearts Live but that’s alright as that studio album really doesn’t have any weak tracks in any case.

My favourites off ”100 Desperate Hearts Live” are the catchy “All Your Loving” and “One Touch”, served with a crunchy melodic (and clean) sound. The band’s songs seem tailor made to be played live.
SNAKEBITE have come up with an awesome live record that is definitely worth checking out. ”100 Desperate Hearts Live” can be a bit hard to find so I suggest going right to Maniac Attack Records‘ website if you want to purchase it.
A smoking, killer debut live album.


01. Intro
02. Freedom
03. Cry For Rock
04. All Your Loving
05. One Touch
06. Two Desperate Hearts
07. After Dark
08. Princess of Pain
09. Devil On The Loose
10. Live It Up
11. Run Fast
12. We Rise
13. Road To Nowhere

Dominik Wagner – vocals, guitar
Alex Lacroix – bass
Julian Fischer – drums
Chris VanClough – guitar



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