SCANDAL featuring Patty Smyth – Warrior [Rock Candy remastered +5]

SCANDAL featuring Patty Smyth - Warrior [Rock Candy remastered +5] full

Patty Smyth is one of the finest AOR female singers emerged during the ’80s, and his vehicle to stardom was the band SCANDAL. Rock Candy Records reissued their album “Warrior” from 1984 including as bonus tracks the very hard to find 5-track EP debut from the band appeared in 1982, all digitally remastered with a fantastic sound quality.

This is the story of a very successful chart storming band, but it’s also the tale of a band in disarray. Scandal’s debut album won massive acceptance from the American mainstream quickly elevating them to Rock&pop star status, a position enhanced by the allure of vocalist Patty Smyth and her smokey voice.

Behind the scenes however the pressure was enormous, with record company interference; inter-band discourse and creative tensions aplenty. Based in New York, Scandal was a well honed combo of respected players all with a story to tell and a point to make. Guitarist Zack Smith was the perfect foil for Patty, lending a winning call and response buff to the tracks and helping to drive the album to platinum sales and beyond.

Lead off track and first single, ‘The Warrior’ (written by Nick Gilder and Holy Knight) was a top 10 hit, helping to define the band’s style and potential reach.

Despite the behind the scenes difficulties “Warrior” triumphed as a resolutely consummate work, neatly honing in on the radio-friendly Melodic Rock style that was gaining traction at radio stations and MTV.
Brilliantly produced by Mike Chapman, a man famed for working with such talent as Pat Benatar, Tina Turner and Lita Ford, the record bristles with energy and excitement.

Listen out to ‘Only The Young’ a rare track written by Neal Schon, Steve Perry and Jonathan Cain for JOURNEY’s hit album ‘Frontiers’, but never made it into the final tracklist due to the limited running time available at the moment (the band later recorded their own version for the movie Vision Quest).
Plus, you have the great EP recorded by Scandal in 1982, five tracks featured as bonuses with the same catchy 80s melodies.
Excellent, clear remaster by Rock Candy to these albums which deserved to be reissued in all its glory.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – The Warrior
02 – Beat Of A Heart
03 – Hands Tied
03 – Win Some, Lose Some
04 – Less Than Half
05 – Only The Young
06 – All I Want
07 – Talk To Me
08 – Say What You Will
09 – Tonight
10 – Maybe We Went Too Far
11 – Goodbye To You
12 – Love’s Got A Line On You
13 – Win Some, Lose Some
14 – She Can’t Say No
15 – Another Bad Love

Patty Smyth – lead vocals
Keith Mack – guitars
Zack Smith – guitars
Benjy King – keyboards, guitars
Ivan Elias – bass
Thommy Price – drums
Jon Bon Jovi – add. guitars, backing vocals



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