PATTY SMYTH (Scandal) – It’s About Time (2020)

PATTY SMYTH (Scandal) - It's About Time (2020) full

After almost 30 years, former SCANDAL vocalist PATTY SMYTH returns with a new album properly titled ”It’s About Time”. Patty couldn’t have come up with a more appropriate title for the new record, her first set of original songs in 28 years.
But there’s a reason; the long hiatus between albums wasn’t due to a lack of trying, she has been busy raising six children, performing with SCANDAL following their reunion in the mid 2000s, acting and providing the Netflix series Glow with its theme.
Aside from all that, Smyth says she wanted to put out the best material that was right for her.
Produced by mega-talented Dann Huff, ”It’s About Time” shows that Patty Smyth has’t lost any color of her unique voice, and the material is really strong resembling the vocalist’s 80s style.
Highly Recommended


01 – Drive
02 – Build a Fire
03 – I’m Gonna Get There
04 – Losing Things
05 – No One Gets What They Want
06 – Only One
07 – Downtown Train
08 – Ode To Billie Joe
09 – Wish I Were You (Armageddon OST)
10 – Downtown Train (Original Version)



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