MICHAEL BOLTON – AOR Provider [The Unreleased ’80s Album / Remastered Demos]

MICHAEL BOLTON - AOR Provider [The Unreleased '80s Album / Remastered Demos] full

Michael Bolotin, later known as MICHAEL BOLTON, softened his style in favor to commercial pop at the end of the Eighties, but the man has a rock n’ roll background. Under his real name he did two forgettable records in the Seventies, but at the beginning of the ’80s Bolton was part of Blackjack (with Bruce Kulick), a noteworthy melodic rock ensemble.
Later in the middle of the decade, as solo artist Bolton released 3 great AOR albums with rocking guitars and catchy choruses, then was tempted by his label for the aforementioned change of style.

In between these solo LP’s, Bolton recorded a series of demos helped by renowned session musicians, including Neal Schon & Jonathan Cain from Journey. In fact, seems some of these tracks were planned for a future Journey release, with Bolton replacing Steve Perry.
All these unreleased songs and more, were compiled here with the title “AOR Provider”

There are really good tunes co-written by the likes of Bob Halligan Jr. or Martin Briley, ranging from melodic rock to AOR still retaining the rockin’ musical vibe for the most part.
These demos have been circulating for years among fans from different sources, and while being demo tapes, the files here have been cleaned / remastered to get the best sound quality possible.


01 – Gone Too Far
02 – Believe In Each Other
03 – Bad Habit
04 – Forever Eyes
05 – Conspiracy
06 – Love Of Money
07 – I Think About You
08 – Can’t Fight The Feeling
09 – Starting Over
10 – Tonight Is The Night
11 – The Way I Love You
12 – Lonely Too Long
13 – Love Get Ready
14 – Just The Thought Of Losing You
15 – Any Man’s Country


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