HEAVEN – Where Angels Fear To Tread {Rock Candy Remastered} (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

HEAVEN - Where Angels Fear To Tread {Rock Candy Remastered} (2020) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Rock Candy has just ‘remastered & reloaded‘ the cult classic HEAVEN album “Where Angels Fear To Tread“, for years very hard to find and now finally available with a great sound quality.
After their debut LP ‘Bent’ (titled Twilight Of Mischief in Australia), Heaven partially established in America, and returned in 1983 with “Where Angels Fear To Tread” a catchy n’ rocking LP.
Like Canada, Australia produced a number of superlative rock bands during the Seventies and Eighties many of which managed to exert their influence on a number of continents, particularly North America and Europe, that favoured their direct approach to music.

Of course, the main hard rock assault was led by AC/DC and quickly followed by the likes of Rose Tattoo, Cold Chisel and Angel City. HEAVEN were natural successors to that crown and subsequently made quite a splash, evoking comparisons to the well-trodden Australian barroom boogie style.
Formed in 1980 and based in Sydney, the band featured not only a stylised sound similar to AC/DC, but also their vocalist Allan Fryer had been in contention to replace Bon Scott after his tragic death in 1980.

Furthermore, HEAVEN was handled by AC/DC’s former manager who relocated the band to Los Angeles where they signed to Columbia Records and set about touring the USA extensively.
It was a smart move as the band were welcomed into a climate that was primed for the kind of in your face hard rock that was all the rage at the time.

”Where Angels Fear To Tread” was in fact the band’s second album, the debut having been recorded in their native Australia, and upholds the fine foot stomping hard rock tradition.
Recorded in Los Angeles it boasts a number of standout tracks and features backing vocals from the likes of Glen Hughes, Lita Ford, and Ronnie James Dio (under the pseudonym of Evil Eyes).
Driven by the frantic pace of the title track, the album includes a number of anthems including ‘Scream For Me’, ‘Madness’ and ‘Hard Life’. One of my favorites is ‘Don’t Mean Nothin’, a very melodic number which come off sounding like lost Helix track.

HEAVEN - Where Angels Fear To Tread {Rock Candy Remastered} (2020) back

‘She Stole My Heart’ benefits from Hughes’ pipes where he does much more than ‘backing’, next ‘You’ is a hot freight train roller with a big chorus, and the pounding, three-minute quick strike of ‘Sleeping Dogs’ brings “Where Eagles Fear To Tread” full circle.
“Where Angels Fear To Tread” is a kickin’, sweat soaked hard rockin’ record that deserved more airplay. Now this remaster is very welcomed to enjoy this rocker again.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Where Angels Fear To Tread
02 – Love Child
03 – Scream For Me
04 – Don’t Mean Nothin’
05 – Rock School
06 – Madness
07 – Hard Life
08 – She Stole My Heart
09 – You
10 – Sleeping Dogs

Allan ‘Eddie’ Fryer – Vocals
Kelly – Lead Guitar
Mick Cocks – Rhythm Guitar
Laurie Marlow – Bass
Joe Turtur – Drums

additional vocals by
Glenn Hughes, Lita Ford and Ronnie James Dio



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