BLACK ROSE (Cher) – Black Rose [Rock Candy Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

BLACK ROSE (Cher) - Black Rose [Rock Candy Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Rock Candy specialists have remastered the quite rare ‘‘Black Rose’‘, the lone album by the US rock band BLACK ROSE, whose lead singer was American singer-actress CHER. The album was released in the summer 1980 by Casablanca Records, but failed to chart due to poor promotion.
Including the likes of Steve Porcaro, David Paich, Michael Boddicker, Ron “Rocket” Ritchotte, James Newton Howard and more talented session musicians & songwriters, ”Black Rose” is CHER’s first album with a rocking sound, that would characterize her future Geffen-era records.

Cher was one of the most famous singers in the 1960s and early 70s primarily as part of the hugely successful Sonny & Cher duo. She achieved massive celebrity status through a US television series and a string of hit records. However, by the mid-1970s, the hits dried up and her relationship with Sonny Bono also fell apart. A turbulent marriage to Gregg Allman during the 70s brought her more attention but very little musical activity of serious note. She was, it seems, searching for a direction, which came to fruition via a relationship with renowned guitarist Les Dudek, who had been feted with praise for his astonishing six string virtuosity.

The pair not only had a romantic relationship, they also forged a musical partnership that resulted in the formation of BLACK ROSE, a fully-fledged band operating in a melodic, hard rock style.
They were a cabal of seasoned players, including drummer Gary Ferguson (later to form CHANNEL and play with HUGHES/THRALL and GARY MOORE), top session player guitarist Ron Ritchotte (STAN BUSH, RICK SPRINGFIELD), bassist Trey Thompson (also a future member of CHANNEL), keyboardist Mike Finnigan (who’d played with JIMI HENDRIX) and former BLOODROCK member Warren Ham provided backing vocals.

The album is a solid example of hard rock, with Cher’s immediately identifiable vocals taking centre stage. Indeed, it is not that far removed from her late Eighties chart topping heights. For further proof listen to tracks such as ‘Fast Company’, ‘Julie’, ‘You Know It’ and Take It From The Boys’.
Produced by James Newton Howard, the album featured song contributions from a number of sources, including Toto’s David Paich, Bernie Taupin and Mike Chapman.
A welcomed remaster of a hard to find album.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Never Should’ve Started
02 – Julie
03 – Take it From the Boys
04 – We All Fly Home
05 – 88 Degrees
06 – You Know It
07 – Young and Pretty
08 – Fast Company

Cher – lead vocals
Les Dudek – guitars, vocals
Ron “Rocket” Ritchotte – guitars, background vocals
Phil Brown – additional guitar on “88 Degrees”
Mike Finnigan – keyboards, background vocals
James Newton Howard – synthesizer, keyboards
Michael Boddicker – synthesizer, keyboards
Steve Porcaro – synthesizer, keyboards
David Paich – keyboards, background vocals
Trey Thompson – bass
Gary Ferguson – drums
Max Gronenthal – background vocals
Warren Ham – background vocals
John Townsend – background vocals

(ripped by maulars)



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  1. anonymous says:

    hi, any chance in getting Mattador “save us from ourselves”? Would be great!

  2. Mauricio Sánchez says:

    Hello, I am an avid fan of your blog and Plot. I know u guys don’t like each other and that’s fine but if you 0dayrox claim to post original, high quality music, music we love and cherish, it seems quite pathetic to me that either you or plot don’t use your own uploads. In this case, I just noticed that you stole Plot’s post on this album which I myself ripped and scanned ESPECIALLY for plot. I bought this album this past Saturday 24, october. How can I notice it’s the same? because the young lady who scanned the art for me at a convenience store here in Mexico City, accidentally cracked the inner cd case. When I downloaded this album from you, I did because I supected you would steal the upload from plot. That’s not cool. At least you should give credit to those who help to send exclusive material, Plot does. They credited me on that post. By the way, my screen name everywhere is maulars. Look forward to contributing herer if you want. Please, don’t steal albums from other blogs and later claim you’re posting exclusive stuff.

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      Hey maulars, you’re welcome.
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      That guy (and he’s not the only one) takes everything we post here in a copy/paste mode, but we don’t care. We concentrate to offer our original material.
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  3. Love says:

    Cher singing in hard rock combo? Give it to me!

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