THE SUNRISE – Brand New Disorder (2020)

THE SUNRISE - Brand New Disorder (2020) full

Italian combo THE SUNRISE are releasing their full length debut album ”Brand New Disorder’‘ today via Wormholedeath Records.
While sporting a vibrant modern sound production, musically this is inspired by classic female-fronted acts, driven by the captivating voice of Chiereghin Giorgia. There’s groove in abundance, sharp riffs and swirling solos, and the good thing is these young guys & gals add an interesting own spin into some arrangements.

”Brand New Disorder” offers 40 minutes of modern hard rock – modern in the production side – yet with that 80s vibe we like so much. The lyrics concept are about the society around us and the personal awareness, not only party all night.

After the well done intro ‘432Hz’, in ‘Storm’ we’re treated to Chiereghin’s vocals, which are not so powerful but captivating, but also the very interesting performance from all band members with a quite original musical skeleton.
Also ‘Gasoline’ isn’t your by-the-numbers hard rock song: it has keys into the background, groovy guitars and a mammoth ‘bass guitar’ line. Great Rocker.

On ‘Run’ the band explores more mellower territories, but always delivering something different. The song is quite modern but really effective.
‘Wake Up’ rocks again, a song, for me with an 80s background yet cleverly mixed to get an updated ‘The Climber’ delivers more cool old-school riffs but processed 2020 and a little proggy touch.

One of the best things about THE SUNRISE is that they escape the common places of the genre: all songs add some interesting flavor / arrangement to make it unique.
A promising new band, far from ordinary and pretty imaginative.


01 – 432Hz
02 – Storm
03 – Gasoline
04 – Run
05 – Wake Up
06 – Ghosts
07 – The Climber
08 – Lady Shame
09 – Un-Rise

Chiereghin Giorgia – Lead Voice
Elia Tommaso – Lead Guitar & Voice
Giuriato Giulio – Bass Guitar
Marchesan Andrea – Keyboards & Voice
Marchesan Simone – Drums



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