STAGGERWING – Staggerwing II (2020)

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After their enjoyable debut last year, Swedish classic hard rockers STAGGERWING are back with the sophomore effort simply titled ‘Staggerwing II‘. Formed by experiences musicians such as Peo Pettersson (P.A.L., ex- Leviticus) and his long time friend guitarist Dan Boström (who worked with him on the classic AOR Peo solo debut).
If Staggerwing debut album was a lovely slice of classic rock / hard, “Staggerwing II” is even better: they take the best of ’70s Rainbow, Deep Purple, Whitesnake – complete with Hammond organs runs et all – and add their own spin with little bluesy feeling.
The instrumental intro ‘Ego Volantes’ – performed on an ancient Pipe Organ from the Church of Ödsmål – is simply awesome, bringing to mind the great Jon Lord or Don Airey.

This is very good classic stuff, and 4 members of the band perform lead vocals, so expect variety and interesting arrangements. Aside the swirling valve-amp guitar solos and Hammond organs, there’s Mellotron, Moog Pedals, etc.
Highly Recommended


01 – Ego Volantes / Soldier
02 – Lean to the Right
03 – Small House
04 – Mystery Unraveled
05 – Stuck in the Flow
06 – Run For Your Life
07 – Souls Of Babylon
08 – Midnight Woman
09 – Sail On

Peo Pettersson: Lead Guitars, Lead Vocals
Håkan Andersson: Bass, Moog Taurus, Lead Vocals
Dan Boström: Lead Guitars, Lead Vocals
Kjell Andersson: Drums
Axel Karlsson-Kraft: Hammond M2, Pipe Organ, MS 10, Mellotron, Lead Vocals

Pipe Organ on ‘Ego Volantes’ from the Church of Ödsmål, tanks to Elinor Josefsson



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