ROMEO’S DAUGHTER – Rapture (2012 comeback album) Out Of Print

ROMEO'S DAUGHTER - Rapture (2012 comeback album) Out Of Print

ROMEO’S DAUGHTER were back in business after almost 20 years with this 3rd album “Rapture”. The sophomore album ‘Delectable’ was as strong as the self-titled debut, but it just never worked out. This was ‘93 and grunge had taken a hold of the music industry. They were highly thought of by their peers, with songs of theirs covered by Heart, Eddie Money and many more.
So fast forward almost 20 years and it turns out Romeo’s Daughter never broke up. They made a successful return at Firefest in 2010 and decided to give it another shot. And am I thankful that they did!
The great UK Melodic Rock / AOR band retains the original line-up; fronted by female vocalist Leigh Matty and expertly backed by guitarist Craig Joiner, Tony Mitman on keyboards, Ed Poole on bass and drummer Andy Wells.

Songwriter-in-chief Craig Joiner has delivered a set of songs planted firmly in the classic Romeo’s Daughter mould. “Rapture” sounds and feels as the immediate successor to ‘Delectable’.
Opening track “Tripping Out” contains all the Romeo’s Daughter hallmarks – catchy chorus, great riffs, and the excitable vocals of Leigh Matty.
Follower “Bittersweet” is another track that just rolls out of the Joiner song factory and is the kind of song I’d hear all day long on the radio. Really commercial and accessible.

“Cannot Be The One” is firmly set at mid paced, a sweet melody perfectly driven by Matty soaring vocals. It’s a classy early nineties AOR tune full of magic.
“Keep Walking” falls into the rock-socks bracket that made this band famous and is one of the best songs on ‘Rapture’ by a country mile.
“Lightning” is a track that would be welcomed on radio airwaves all day long. A cleverly composed ballad to appeal old school fans and new listeners.

“Alive” is a song I’d imagine Robin Beck singing all those years ago, and it’s a pure AOR sing a long/foot tappin’ track for driving or jogging. My favorite song on the album.
“Fly Away” makes for one solid first half of an album. It’s lightweight, but in a good way, and it doesn’t have to shout from the rooftops to be a good song.
“Talking Love” is another highlight. This band really knows how pen a glorious melody, and it’s clearly represented here, a superb midtempo Melodic Rock track to die for.
“He’s Mine” is again as catchy as a baseball glove covered in molasses, while on the last track “Will Be” Romeo’s Daughter goes acoustic with taste and emotion.

Romeo’s Daughter – and guitarist / songwriter Craig Joiner in particular – have something to be proud of here. “Rapture” stands on par with any of the previous albums.
Craig’s songwriting is in pure form, and together with Leigh Matty’s (still) sumptuous vocals they have come up with an album that shows they’ve returned with a class and hopefully a (headlining) tour will follow.
Released by themselves, “Rapture” is full of marvelous melodies and sounds a million bucks, perfectly recorded and produced.
Great comeback album, now out of print.


01 – Trippin’ Out
02 – Bittersweet
03 – Cannot Be The One
04 – Keep Walking
05 – Lightning
06 – Alive
07 – Fly Away
08 – Make My Dreams Come True
09 – Precious Thing
10 – Talking Love
11 – He’s Mine
12 – Will Be

Leigh Matty – Lead & Backing Vocals
Craig Joiner – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tony Mitman – Keyboards
Ed Poole – Bass
Andy Wells – Drums


Out Of Print

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