LISA DOMINIQUE – Rock ‘N’ Roll Lady +2 [digital reissue] (2017)

LISA DOMINIQUE - Rock 'N' Roll Lady [reissue +2] (2017) full

For years out of print – there was a limited original CD version of this album – LISA DOMINIQUE‘s full length debut record “Rock ‘N’ Roll Lady” finally was made available again few years ago.

Lisa’s musical career kicked off in 1985. Leaving her home town in East Yorkshire with a suitcase and a dream, she went to London to join her first band, ‘Marino’ (her’s brother group). Their live performances received rave reviews by Kerrang! magazine and soon management companies approach the band, but wanted Lisa as solo artist.

Lisa left the band and signed with FM Revolver records, relasing in 1988 her first self-penned single-EP “Jealous Heart” and started to grace the stages and pages of European rock magazines.
After a sell out spring / summer tour, Lisa Dominique’s full album debut “Rock ‘N’ Roll Lady” made it well in the rock charts upon release (1989), being the first single-EP ‘All Fall Down’.

Many well known names of the UK scene were involved (uncredited) into the making of the album, such as Mick Ronson and Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange.
That year Lisa Dominique is voted Britain’s No. 1 rock n’ roll female singer and sex symbol. Playboy magazine makes Lisa a generous offer but the UK’s rock Queen said ‘no, thanks’. But apart from her gorgeous look the girl can sing, and also wrote her own rockin’ songs.

Dominique is a female rocker in the classic mold, and here shows that she has a voice to match her image, not to mention a sound that is commercial as well as raunchy.
Title track ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Lady’, the sensual ‘The Gamble’, and the sizzle of ‘Time Bomb’ are among the rockers, more melodic are ‘Holding on to Your Love’ and the catchy ‘Jealous Heart’ and ‘One Foot Back in Your Door’, while the successful single ‘All Fall Down’ has an AORish feel all over.
Lisa delivers a nice ballad as well in ‘Somebody Special’, with some clean guitars into the mix.

As bonus tracks there’s the B-sides / non album track ‘Dreamaker’, a slightly AOR midtempo with a total ’80s atmosphere and the indeed rockin’ ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll The Place’ (from the “Jealous Heart” EP only appeared on 12” vinyl).
While production originally was not so brilliant, this is the best, refreshed version (better gain) you can get of this long time deleted album.
Classic late ’80s female fronted stuff, Highly Recommended.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox


01 – Rock ‘N’ Roll Lady
02 – All Fall Down
03 – The Gamble
04 – Somebody Special
05 – Holding on to Your Love
06 – Time Bomb
07 – Jealous Heart
08 – Slow Down
09 – One Foot Back in Your Door
10 – Trouble
11 – Dreammaker [B-side] (Bonus Track)
12 – Rock ‘n’ Roll the Place [B-side] (Bonus Track)

Lisa Dominique – vocals, percussion
Mick Ronson, Marino Dominique – guitars
Ian Spicer, Bob Skeat – bass
P.J. – drums



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