LAROXX – Laroxx [Previously Unreleased / Remastered from the original tapes]

LAROXX - Laroxx [Previously Unreleased / Remastered from the original tapes] full

Released by SteelHeart Memories Records (the same of the Lost UK / US Jewel series) for the very first time on CD, here’s the cool request of Glam Hard Rockers LAROXX self-titled debut album, originally out only on cassette in 1992, however half of the tracks here are previously unreleased.
While LaRoxx born in Italy, the album was originally recorded for a release in the USA and Japan thru a major label, and a promotional tour in the States (prior of the announced release) was set up, with gigs played at famous “Troubador”, “Foundation Forum” and “F.M. Station” in L.A.

Unfortunately things went bad, as the label supposed to release the album suddenly dropped the offer, so the band found itself with a professionally recorded (and expensive!) album in its hands without a label ready to release it.
With the rock music climate about to change, the recording was shelved… but now we can enjoy LaRoxx catchy songs close in sound to American bands like Poison, Warrant and Motley Crue.

Very well composed, produced and recorded ‘Laroxx’ is more than a nice find from the dusted shelves, now remastered to finally enjoy the full album from this good, unknown band that deserved better luck. Not easy to find CD.
Highly Recommended


01 – Intro (R.U.N. (Animal)
02 – Where Is My Way?
03 – Before It’s Too Late
04 – No Strife In Life
05 – Sweet Pain In Las Vegas
06 – Suicide
07 – Tattoo
08 – They’ve Got To Know
09 – Let The Girl Go
10 – Downtown Rock’n’Roll
11 – Long Dark Night
12 – Ready To Shock

Kelly Grey – vocals
Matt Tristano – guitar, harmonica, backing vocals
Simon Dredo – bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Steve Argentini – drums


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  1. Ed Marks says:

    Thanks for adding this LAROXX – Laroxx and sacred warrior rebellion. You were the first one to have these releases on the net. It is appreciated. there’s a guy that has another site that usually follows you with releases and always claims that he has them first and he claims that he has Babylon A.D. – Babylon A.D. [Bad Reputation Remaster +7 bonus] 2020 and that no one else does have that release. Could you post that please?

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