JOSHUA – Surrender [Digitally Remastered] Out Of Print

JOSHUA - Surrender [Digitally Remastered] Out Of Print full

Here we have another request and pleasure to fulfill: JOSHUA‘s “Surrender [Digitally Remastered]“. Originally released in 1985, this is the remastered reissue done by Joshua Perahia himself under his full name. I still prefer the original cover artwork, but heck, what matter is the music and this is fantastic slice of US melodic hard rock / AOR.
Regarded as one of the best Melodic Hard Rock records released by an American indie band during the ’80s, “Surrender” should have sold millions if the recording company had been properly promoted the band or a major would have pick up them.

“Surrender” is the second album from JOSHUA, the band of talented American shredder Joshua Perahia. The album was originally issued in 1985 on vinyl LP only, and although the American public barely noticed the release, the album did it well in Japan and Europe, where Kerrang! Magazine ranked the LP #1 for weeks.

The songs on “Surrender” are superb. With a strong hard rock foundation, all are built on terrific melodies, catchy AOR choruses and lots of keyboard / synth runs. Just take as example the soaring opener “Surrender Love” with its biting guitar riffs, stabbing keys and wonderful verses showcasing Fenholt’s top vocals. The chorus is to die for with all the ’80s charm over it.

“Your Love Is Gone” is a melodic hard rock gem, same with “Show Me the Way” (a little ‘American Whitesnake’ to it) and the more mid-tempo oriented Yardbirds’ cover of “Heart Full of Soul”. There’s more hard rockin’ numbers in between, like “Back To The Rock” or the kickin’ “Loveshock”, not ordinary compositions for sure, plenty of substance and great musicianship.

This remaster (seems there’s some re-recorded parts too) sounds excellent, more clear vocals and punchier kick drum. Killer, darn good album.
Highly Recommended


01 – Surrender Love
02 – Heart Full Of Soul
03 – Your Love Is Gone
04 – Stay Alive
05 – Rockin’ The World
06 – Back To The Rock
07 – Hold On
08 – Show Me The Way
09 – Loveshock
10 – Rockin’ The World (reprise)

Joshua Perahia: Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals
Jeff Fenholt, Robin Kyle: Lead & Backing Vocals
Patrick Bradley: Keyboards
Loren Robinson: Bass
Craig Ostbo, Joe Galletta, Joe Tafoya: Drums
Ken Tamplin. Eric Tuttobene, Bryan Fleming: Backing Vocals


Out Of Print

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