TWISTED SISTER – Love Is For Suckers Demos (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

TWISTED SISTER - Love Is For Suckers Demos (2020) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Here we have in exclusive the remastered release of “Love Is For Suckers Demos“, the TWISTED SISTER pre-production recordings when they where preparing new material for what would be their fifth album. As you may know, ‘Love Is For Suckers’ is in fact a Dee Snider solo album, finally released under the Twisted Sister name.
Most the guitar here is performed by the great Reb Beach, and only 9 out of 19 of the songs in this CD eventually appeared onto the final, studio album.
A Limited Edition of 300 units made, the sound quality of these tracks are very good, professionally recorded studio pre-production takes.
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01 – Me And The Boys [Demo]
02 – Love Is For Suckers [Demo]
03 – Wake Up [Demo]
04 – Rock On [Demo]
05 – Seven Minutes In Heaven [Demo]
06 – Yeah Right! [Demo]
07 – If That What You Want [Demo]
08 – You Are All That I Need [Demo]
09 – Hardcore [Demo]
10 – One Bad Habit [Demo]
11 – Rock U [Demo]
12 – Hot Love! [Demo]
13 – Tonight [Demo]
14 – Feel Appeal [Demo]
15 – I Will Win [Demo]
16 – Statutory Date [Demo]
17 – I’m So Hot For You [Demo]
18 – She’s So Fine [Demo]
19 – I’m Not Everybody [Demo]

Vocals: Dee Snider
Guitars: Reb Beach
Add. Guitar: Eddie Ojeda, Jay Jay French
Bass: Mark “The Animal” Mendoza, Gary Kriss
Drums: Joe Franco


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  1. Mitch Dynamite says:

    CORRECTION: You might want to stipulate that in your description that this is an UNauthorized release.

  2. Thomas Winship says:

    Awesome! Thank you

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