AC/DC – The Razor’s Edge [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

AC/DC - The Razor's Edge [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020) full

AC/DC‘s cracking album ”The Razor’s Edge” has been recently remastered 2020 and reissued in a Hi-Resolution Audio. For many, including us, is one of the best and most complete album by AC/DC.
In 1990, the album was a major comeback for the band, featuring the hits “Thunderstruck” and “Are You Ready”, which reached #5 and #16 respectively on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart, and “Moneytalks”, which peaked at #23 on the Billboard Hot 100.
The album reached #2 on the US Billboard 200 and #4 in the UK, a smash commercial success that returned the band to the popularity of its glory years of the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Just wait to hear this kick ass remaster… “Thunderstruck baby!”


01 – Thunderstruck
02 – Fire Your Guns
03 – Moneytalks
04 – The Razors Edge
05 – Mistress for Christmas
06 – Rock Your Heart Out
07 – Are You Ready
08 – Got You by the Balls
09 – Shot of Love
10 – Let’s Make It
11 – Goodbye and Good Riddance to Bad Luck
12 – If You Dare

Brian Johnson – lead vocals
Angus Young – lead guitar
Malcolm Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Cliff Williams – bass guitar, backing vocals
Chris Slade – drums, percussion



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2 Responses

  1. tman says:

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Love says:

    The Razor’s Edge is such a strange beast to me. It’s a great album and as on the previous efforts I don’t consider any of the tracks to be fillers, but on the quality standard of AC/DC.

    However is manifested early in me this strange cut off from the 80s. This already bothered me early on when I was younger and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I just found it strange that I couldn’t love the albums from this 1990 mark onward. Another example would be Dehuminazer that also didn’t sound right to me. Now that I’m visiting this blog though this feeling isn’t so strange to me anymore.

    The effect of the album was also huge. It didn’t just put AC/DC out of a hole from the previous tours and on the map again, but that AC/DC is among the greatest acts still talked about goes back to this album and the tour. This effort really heaved them into the Olymp and put them into the media circulation again. Maybe this was because of the change in the 1990s and AC/DC had proven to be a constant giant on par with The Rolling Stones. At this point they had become household legends.

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