THUNDERMOTHER – Heat Wave (2020)

THUNDERMOTHER - Heat Wave (2020) full

What if Krokus or Bullet had a strong and mighty and cozy female vocals? And what if AC/DC and Kiss were an all female band? You may not be aware of it but I do have the answer to thy question; it would be a band as kickass as THUNDERMOTHER, a powerful and hot band made up only by girls.
Thundermother are here to sign and seal in blood that 2020 is a true bomb in terms of releasing new music; all 13 songs that make up “Heat Wave” have a similar structure, not that complicated, but stick in to the ear, just like any anthem of the 70s / 80s that is still memorized today.

Thundermother feels and sound as if coming from another time, with a fresh air that has been missing in recent years from the field of new hard rock bands. The album has it all – Thundermother play hard and are really proud to be loud.
The attitude of the band has not changed much since their beginning but every time something new is due, they manage to bring something equally good and most of the times, even better!

I used the bands above as referential of what the fan will find here. However, the main drive and the powerhouse of inspiration is classic riff-driven hard rock.
From the beginning with “Loud and Alive” and the title track “Heat Wave” the taste of AC/DC gets very strong. Guitarist Filippa Nässil explores very well the major chords sequences as the Australians used to do in “Back in Black” era.

“Ghost” reminds Bullet a lot in the way they also explored their Seventies influences. The anthemic “Back in ’76” has somewhat of the 1980s Kiss in each note vocalist Guernica Mancini sings. By the way, my brothers, what a voice. The girl really has it.

Here we’ve got a band that knew to explore the influences they had and built up an album full of references, but with a great personality.
Thundermother owes nothing to their female peers as Vixen or Lita Ford, if you ask me. That’s the kind of music that never gets old or outdated.
To summarize, “Heat Wave” is a summer soundtrack that will fit perfectly in between the record collection of every hard rock / classic metal fan.
Highly Recommended


01 – Loud and Alive
02 – Dog from Hell
03 – Back In ’76
04 – Into the Mud
05 – Heat Wave
06 – Sleep
07 – Driving In Style
08 – Free Ourselves
09 – Mexico
10 – Purple Sky
11 – Ghosts
12 – Somebody Love Me
13 – Bad Habits

Filippa Nässil – Guitar
Guernica Mancini – Vocals
Emlee Johansson – Drums
Majsan Lindberg – Bass


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