THE BABYS – Union Jacks [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

THE BABYS - Union Jacks [Rock Candy remaster] full

After the Bad English unreleased 3rd album featured in exclusive at 0dayrox, many of you asked for the great Rock Candy Records remasters of THE BABYS, the early John Waite band.
Union Jacks“, The Babys’ fourth – and perhaps best album – produced by Keith Olsen (Foreigner, Whitesnake), heralded a change to not only their sound but also their line-up.

Introducing keyboardist Jonathan Cain (later to join Journey and Bad English) and bassist Ricky Phillips (also a future member of Bad English) to the fold, the band tweaked their style, introducing a punchier and dynamic edge.

In addition, both of the new members collaborated with songwriting, which helped to propel the band into a new, almost more modern, era but that is not to say they left their rockin’ shoes at home. Far from it.
Stuffed full of tough-guy riffs and brilliantly emotive vocals from John Waite, the album oozes sophistication but retains a rough-hewn urgency that keeps the energy firmly in the red zone.

THE BABYS - Union Jacks [Rock Candy remaster] booklet

“Union Jacks” birthed yet another top thirty US hit single, the anthemic “Back On My Feet Again”, cementing The Babys reputation as one of the greatest melodic hard rock bands of the period.
But there’s more: the catchy “Midnight Rendezvous”, the classy title track, and the awesome “In Your Eyes”, that sounds like a Bad English song, but recorded 10 years before.

THE BABYS - Union Jacks [Rock Candy remaster] back cover

“Union Jacks” always will be my favorite The Babys record. It was ahead of its time, with refined melodic arrangements and a polished, glossy production that would be the AOR staple in years to come.
This Rock Candy remaster is terrific, brilliant, wide open. The booklet is great as well, including a track-by-track comment by John Waite.
A Must Have


01 – Back On My Feet Again
02 – True Love True Confession
03 – Midnight Rendezvous
04 – Union Jacks
05 – In Your Eyes
06 – Anytime
07 – Jesus, Are You There?
08 – Turn Around In Tokyo
09 – Love Is Just A Mystery

John Waite: Lead Vocals
Wally Stocker: Guitar
Ricky Phillips: Bass
Jonathan Cain: Keyboards
Tony Brock: Drums



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