THE BABYS – Head First [Rock Candy Records Remastered & Reloaded]

THE BABYS - Head First [Rock Candy Records Remastered & Reloaded] full

After the Bad English unreleased 3rd album featured in exclusive at 0dayrox, many of you asked for the great Rock Candy Records remasters of THE BABYS, the early John Waite band.
With two really good albums out, The Babys were ready to explode worldwide with third effort “Head First“. Imagine you are a mid-Seventies rock band from London. You get signed to a hip and happening label – Chrysalis Records. Your debut album is recorded in Toronto with Bob Ezrin (Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd).
The label pays for you to relocate to Los Angeles where you sit in the sun and record your second album, which unexpectedly produces a hit single (Isn’t It Time). Life is good and it can only get better, right?

Well, not exactly….
Cocky and full of self confidence The Babys recorded their third album “Head First” only to be told by their label that it wasn’t, er, ‘what they were expecting’ and could they please go back and take another stab at it.
It was a soul destroying moment and one that resulted in major upheaval, with founding member Mike Corby departing the band for good.

Reluctantly, the band re-cut “Head First” produced by maestro Ron Nevison (Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Heart), and, against all odds, continued their path to fame and fortune by producing yet another sizeable US hit single, with the classic “Every Time I Think Of You”, and touring with some of the biggest names in rock.

Fronted by one of the world’s most talented vocalists, John Waite, “Head First” is a remarkable album, from conception to execution, containing a brace of tracks that builds on the band’s bluesy rock roots to incorporate melody and sophistication tailor made for American rock radio.

THE BABYS - Head First [Rock Candy Records Remastered & Reloaded] booklet

After being out of print for many years, Rock Candy Records rescued this very fine slice of melodic rock with a nice remastering. It is a little louder but crisp and clear transferred from the master tapes and preserving that ‘analog’ vibe.
If you never heard “Head First” before I’d urge you to go out and buy it if you like your music melodic but with a touch of blood running through it. Fantastic singing and musicianship.
Highly Recommended


01 – Love Don’t Prove I’m Right
02 – Every Time I Think Of You
03 – I Was One
04 – White Lightning
05 – Run To Mexico
06 – Head First
07 – You (Got It)
08 – Please Don’t Leave Me Here
09 – California

John Waite: Bass, Lead Vocals
Walter Stocker: Guitar
Tony Brock: Drums
Michael Corby: Guitar, Keyboards
Jack Conrad: Bass
Kevin Kelly: Piano
Jimmie Haskell: Strings & Horns
John Sinclair: Synthesizer on ‘White Lightning’
Marti McCall, Myrna Mathews, Dianna Lee: Additional background vocals



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