TED POLEY – Greatest Hits Volume 2 (out of print)

TED POLEY - Greatest Hits Volume 2 (2014) 2CD full

Danger Danger and now Motor Tokyo Fist frontman TED POLEY released some time ago this second ‘Greatest Hits’ collection limited to 2,000 copies, a CD only sold at live shows and exclusively at Poley’s eBay store.
Including some exclusive tracks only available here, “Greatest Hits Volume 2” is the follow-up to Poley’s first compilation originally released as ‘Greatestits’.

“Greatest Hits Volume 2” features remasters of some of Poley’s favorite songs that didn’t make it onto Vol. 1 plus four new tracks not available on any of Poley’s CD’s until now.
The new songs include the single “Breathe” as well as a rare track by KISS drummer Eric Carr called “Just Can’t Wait”. Taken from a lost, then found demo, the exclusive remastered version of “Just Can’t Wait” had Poley’s vocals added later.

The two disc collection also features songs from Poley’s solo albums ‘Collateral Damage’ and ‘Smile’ (including its Japanese bonus track), as well as his Bone Machine, Melodica, Poley/Pichler and Poley/Rivera projects.

“Ted Poley Greatest Hits Vol. 2” – now out of print – wasn’t available anywhere else, not iTunes or other digital sites, and no retailers carry the album. The only place to get the new collection, other than at one of Poley’s live solo shows, was through eBay.com
This collection of 17 classic Ted Poley songs is a must have for collectors, Motor Tokyo Fist / Danger Danger fans, and melodic hard rock aficionados.


01. Breathe (New Song) *
02. Breathing Doll
03. Back In Time [‘Smile’ Japanese bonus track]
04. More Than Goodbye
05. Just Can’t Wait (feat. Eric Carr) *
06. Stuck On You
07. Did We Just Have A Moment
08. Breathe Deep
09. Beautiful
10. Why Can’t We Pretend That It’s Over
11. Darkest Hour
12. Never Let You Go
13. My Best Friend
14. Come Runnin’
15. Where It Ends
16. Been There Done That *
17. Never Promised You Anything (feat. Pete Newdeck) *

* not available on any Ted Poley’s CD

Track 2 from Ted Poley’s Collateral Damage
track 3 Ted Poley’s ‘Smile’ – Japan bonus track
track 4, 10 & 15 Ted Poley’s ‘Smile’
track 5 rare demo with Eric Carr
rack 6 & 11 Poley/Pichler ‘Big’
rack 7 & 8 Poley/Rivera ‘Only Human
track 9 Bonemachine ‘Disappearing Inc’
track 12, 13 & 14 Melodica ‘Long Way From Home’
track 16 Liberty N’ Justice ‘The Cigar Chronicles’
track 17 vocals with Pete Newdeck Tainted Nation ‘F.E.A.R.’


Out Of Print

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