POLEY / RIVERA – Only Human [Melodic Rock Records Reissue +1]

POLEY / RIVERA - Only Human [Melodic Rock Records Reissue +1] full

As requested here’s more Ted Poley, the reissue of the out of print record he did with guitarist Vic Rivera (Adriangale / Crunch) while Danger Danger were inactive. POLEY / RIVERA‘s “Only Human” is a set of classic melodic rock / AOR tunes that will hit the bullseye for long time fans of both Ted and Vic.
“Only Human” is everything one expects from a Ted Poley release, with the added “crunch” of Vic Rivera, showcasing an extra special set of songs. While plenty of catchiness, the songs prioritizes riffs over melody.

The duo teamed up in late 2005 for the album ‘Collateral Damage’ which was released as a Ted Poley solo record by Kivel Records in 2006. However they choose the Poley/Rivera moniker for the first time here.

With the original release out of print, “Only Human” was reissued few years ago but in a limited press, so it’s pretty hard to find again, quite expensive.


01 – Keep On Fighting
02 – Top Of The World
03 – Only Human
04 – Did We Just Have A Moment?
05 – Insanity
06 – N.W.S.
07 – The Bigger They Come…
08 – Delirious
09 – Fire At Will
10 – Breathe Deep
11 – Crossing This Ocean
12 – Man vs Mother Nature (Bonus Track)

Ted Poley – Lead and Backing Vocals
Vic Rivera – Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals



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  1. Sri says:

    Thank you for this! Could you also pls share Poley’s other works, especially with Bone Machine and Melodica? Thanks!

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