Mr SLEAZY – All Or Nothing (2020) + The Sleazy Attraction EP (Rare)

Mr SLEAZY - All Or Nothing (2020) + The Sleazy Attraction EP (Rare) full

Italian rockers MR SLEAZY are releasing today their new album “All Or Nothing”. Despite their name, Mr Sleazy currently play melodic hard rock with AOR touches. In their origins, Mr Sleazy’s music was indeed American 80s sleazy hard rock influenced, as heard on their rare first studio album titled “The Sleazy Attraction”, also included here as extra.
But let’s talk about 2020: Mr Sleazy whip up quite a storm on their new album “All Or Nothing”. The songs to be found within its grooves will delight to any listener born and bred in the Eighties.

The band was formed by Roberto Gambuti (aka Mr Sleazy), an Italian drummer and poly instrumentalist. After different years with different bands and a European tour with American frontman Adam Bomb, he decided to create the band with his name and his songs.
In 2012 appeared the first studio album titled “The Sleazy Attraction”, 7 songs played entirely by Mr. Sleazy and sung by 7 different singers.

The band performed all over Europe with several changes into the line up, but since two years ago Mr Sleazy has stable members and the project to record “All Or Nothing” begun. The band certainly know their way around a slamming pop metal toon and classic melodic hard.
Opener ‘Let’s Go’ is the sort of thing the Scorpions might have thrown together in 1984 (the illusion enhanced by the very ‘Meine-esque’ vocals of singer Christian Demichelis), and if the band don’t quite hit these delerious heights on the album again it’s not for want of trying.

Stomping second track ‘Kind of Love’ ain’t too far away thanks to some nice guitar from Andy Lanza and Mike ‘The Doc’ and some dramatic keyboarding from Spike, whilst the more melodic rock ‘Lonely Days For A Lonely Heart’ is a highlight. Lovers of a good chorus will take this one to their hearts, mark my words.

‘Things Aren’t Always What They Seem’ is a classy ballad – of course this album has one – building up and up towards an anthemic verse that ticks all the power ballad boxes but again stops short of cliche or cheese. Demichelis proves himself a mighty accomplished throat on this one.
The rest of the album is solid, tuneful hard rock that won’t disappoint, like the fun rockers ‘Love Me or Kill Me’, ‘Pretty Ladyboy’ and the strong title track ‘All Or Nothing’.

“All Or Nothing” is the work of seasoned musicians who know their game. It’s classic melodic hard rock, fun, and very well performed & produced.
Into Mr Sleazy debut there’s a song titled ‘Back to the 80s’, and they do a cover of Ratt / Desmond Child ‘Givin Yourself Away’. This pretty much sums up what this band is all about.
Highly Recommended


All Or Nothing (2020)
01 – Let’s Go!
02 – Kind of Love
03 – Something I Don’t Know
04 – Love Me or Kill Me
05 – Thrill Me
06 – Things Aren’t Always What They Seem
07 – Lonely Days for a Lonely Heart
08 – Pretty Ladyboy
09 – All or Nothing


The Sleazy Attraction EP (2012)
01 – Dirty Town
02 – Game with the Devil
03 – Up and Down
04 – Givin Yourself Away (Ratt / Desmond Child cover)
05 – Back to the 80s
06 – No More Words
07 – Fight

– Christian Demichelis: Lead Vocals
– Andy Lanza: Guitar
– Lore Savage: Guitar, Backing vocals
– Spike: Keyboards
– Steve Valentine: Bass
– Mr. Sleazy: Drums, Backing vocal
– Mrs Raffa & Francy: Additional vocals



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