MIKEY JONES (Kick) – The Light Of Day [Remastered & Expanded / Kick Audio Vaults]

MIKEY JONES (Kick) - The Light Of Day [Remastered & Expanded / Kick Audio Vaults] full

After British melodic rockers Kick disbanded in 2005, founder MIKEY JONES started to record this, his first solo album “The Light Of Day“, here being reissued as part to the ‘Kick Audio Vaults‘ remasters including bonus tracks.
Former Kick and current Vega vocalist contributes backing vocals, and while the album’s style obviously has some Kick touches, Mikey delivered a more varied sonic palette, at places bringing to mind Alice Cooper’s Hey Stoopid era and Nineties Bon Jovi.

With your first solo album, you can go for something different from your current / former band, or do a variation of it. Mikey does both here, but always revolving around the classic melodic hard rock sound.
Perhaps due Mikey’s vocal color similar to Alice Cooper and the late ’80s / early 90s melodic rock wrapping, many songs here recall Alice’s ‘Trash’ and ‘Hey Stoopid’ albums / era. Just check ‘As One’ or ‘Who Are You Fooling’.

Others have a little Bon Jovi ‘These Days’ period feel (‘No Tomorrow’, ‘Summer Daze’), while songs like opener ‘Suffocating’ is completely different, modern AORish including synths.
There is something about ‘Drunk on Emotion’ that appeals; it feels cool and has a great lead guitar line which runs through each chorus. Title track ‘The Light of Day’ has some good lyrics, and ‘Swear Blind’ is catchy melodic rock a a bit of Def Leppard on it, or Mikey’s early XL days.

“The Light Of Day” is a varied album yet cohesive, always melodic rock oriented, well recorded and performed. Of course if you like Kick this is a must listen, but also early Nineties Melodic Rock and not only from UK, there’s many American influences here as well.
Highly Recommended


01 – Suffocating
02 – Who Are You Fooling
03 – Swear Blind
04 – As One
05 – No Tomorrow
06 – Drunk On Emotion
07 – The Light of Day
08 – Lament
09 – Summer Daze
10 – End of Time
11 – Make It Easy (Bonus Track)
12 – Back to Life (Bonus Track)

Mikey Jones – vocals, guitars, bass, synths
Lee Knight – keyboards
Lawrie Paul – bass
Big Mac – drums
Al D’Orado – guitar
Nick Workman (Vega) – backing vocals



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