MARYANN COTTON – Hallelujah (2020)

MARYANN COTTON - Hallelujah (2020) full

After a three-year break, the original members of MARYANN COTTON are back with a new album titled “Hallelujah” to be released soon. Frontman Jackie Patino relocated to Las Vegas where he and bassist Hal Patino wrote the latest effort.
The album reaches back to a better time in Rock when hairspray was a key ingredient for the stage along with colorful PAR cans. Anyway, the most important of that time or the present are the good songs, and “Hallelujah” contains just that.

The mid-paced title track “Hallelujah” with its warm choruses and strings sets the positive vibe for the album. It’s a song that elicits visuals of raised lighters and crowds singing the chorus in unison. That’s only track one.

“Night in California, “Take Me Home (Delilah)” and “I’m Your Saint” rock with nice riffs, while “White Pearl” offices hints of soft-shoe Broadway chorus. It’s a unique combination that works when combined with hard rock elements of Hallelujah.
On the more melodic side, “Those Things,” “My Own Way” and “Eternal Love” give ‘Hallelujah’ the needed variety it contains.

MARYANN COTTON - Hallelujah (2020) inside

Inspired by Alice Cooper – Cotton / Jackie Patino’s songwriting is at the forefront. The diversity song wise of this new release hopefully will expose the band to a wider audience.
Not everything on a hard rock release has to be heavy or only riff driven, and ‘Hallelujah’ does just that. There’s hints of orchestrations, keyboards and the obvious smooth leads pouring from the disc.

From the results of ‘Hallelujah’, the three years apart from each other was a much-needed break. The band has recharged and ready to for the new tracks to be heard. These songs hit right in the feels.
Take the plunge into the freshness of ‘Hallelujah’. It’s good shock rock, a sub-genre where Maryann Cotton are almost the only band doing it 2020, and doing it well.


01 – Hallelujah
02 – Night in California
03 – I’m Your Saint
04 – White Pearl
05 – Those Things to Come
06 – Eternal Love
07 – Take Me Home (Delilah)
08 – My Own Way

Maryann Cotton (Jackie Patino) – Vocals
Hal Patino – Bass
Sebastian Sly – Guitars
Shawn Kernon – Drums



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