MARK SPIRO – 2+2=5 ; Best Of + Rarities (2020)

MARK SPIRO - 2+2=5 ; Best Of + Rarities (2020) full

Put together by Frontiers music, the upcoming ‘2+2 = 5 : Best Of + Rarities’ is a 3xCD collection that encompasses the best of MARK SPIRO’s solo material from ‘Now Is Then, Then is Now’ (released in 1996) up to ‘It’s A Beautiful Life’ (2012), as well as his songwriting collaborations with Dann Huff (Giant), Michael Thompson, Jim Vallance (Bryan Adams) and Tim Pierce.
As a special treat for discerning and passionate melodic rock fans, this compilation also includes 13 unreleased songs with some of the above and more.


CD 1
1. All The Love We Kill
2. Wind On The Water
3. Better With A Broken Heart
4. Don’t Leave Me In Love
5. Vendetta
6. Through My Eyes
7. Mid Western Skies
8. My Devotion
9. Valdez
10. The Rain Came Tumblin’ Down
11. The Rhythm Of Your Soul
12. Can’t Take That Away (Stuff Version)

CD 2
1. I’ll Be There
2. King Of The Crows
3. When Winter Comes
4. It’s A Beautiful Life
5. Come Back To Me
6. Mighty Blue Ocean
7. Monster
8. Between The Raindrops
9. The Fisherman 3
10. Wheels May Rust
11. A Beautiful Mistake
12. Love Don’t Come Around Here

CD 3
1. Take Your Time
2. Holding You
3. 24 Hours A Day
4. Whirling Dervish
5. Cry Me A River
6. Feels Like
7. Whenever I Remember
8. Run Like A River
9. Broken Home
10. Leave My Heart Alone
11. Anything To Find My Baby
12. When You Were Nothing
13. Screaming Like A Crow



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