LION – Dangerous Attraction +1 [Digitally Remastered Limited Edition] (2018) Sold Out

LION - Dangerous Attraction [Digitally Remastered +1 Limited Edition] (2017-2018) full

Some of you ’80s children / teens may recognize LION as the band who performed the theme song for the big screen animated Transformers movie. The band, which featured guitarist Doug Aldrich (who would later join Dio and Whitesnake) and Kal Swan (of Tytan), straddled the line between hard rock and US metal, and had a sound similar to Dokken, Hurricane, Leatherwolf and Kick Axe.
1987’s “Dangerous Attraction” was Lion’s first full-length album, now – and finally – properly remastered, released at the end of 2017 in a Limited Edition of 500 copies.

The band continued their “not quite hair / glam but not really metal” style they first demonstrated on their Power Love EP, and even included the EP’s title track on this release.
Doug Aldrich’s guitar work is just smokin’ here, and Kal Swan is a massive presence on vocals. The songs are all hard-hitting but very melodic.

There are a couple of more radio friendly songs, but for the most part this is a hard rocking album, with “Armed and Dangerous,” “Shout It Out” and “Never Surrender” being the standout tracks.
But if you ask me, this is a killer record in its entirety.

LION - Dangerous Attraction [Digitally Remastered +1 Limited Edition] (2017-2018) disc

Despite a great chemistry between Aldrich and Swan, Lion was one of those bands that the fates never quite aligned for. They would go on to release one more album before regrouping as the straightforward rock band Bad Moon Rising.
Fans of the ‘80s hard rock and US 80s metal scene should definitely have some Lion on their collections, and “Dangerous Attraction” is a great place to start, especially now that it has been remastered / reissued.

After spending decades out of print and poor bootlegs unofficial releases, “Dangerous Attraction” was finally given a proper reissue in late 2017 (just in time for the album’s 30th anniversary) thanks to the specialized reissue US label 20th Century Music.
I think many fans would have settled for a bare bones reissue just to have this album on CD, but they went quite a bit beyond that.

LION - Dangerous Attraction [Digitally Remastered +1 Limited Edition] (2017-2018) back

The reissue features digitally remastered audio that really does justice to the music, and the ‘Transformers movie theme’ is included as a bonus track.
It’s also limited to just 500 copies, so don’t delay too long or this reissue will be as hard to find as the original. (thanks to Justin G.)

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01 – Fatal Attraction
02 – Armed And Dangerous
03 – Hard And Heavy
04 – Never Surrender
05 – Death On Legs
06 – Power Love
07 – In The Name Of Love
08 – After The Fire
09 – Shout It Out
10 – The Transformers Theme Song

Kal Swan – vocals
Doug Aldrich – guitars
Jerry Best – bass
Mark Edwards – drums



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