FIREHOUSE – Good Acoustics +1 [Japan Metal Masters Series remastered]

FIREHOUSE - Good Acoustics +1 [Japan Metal Masters Series remastered] full

As requested, here’s the not easy to find Sony Music Japan ‘The Metal Masters Series’ release of FIREHOUSE album “Good Acoustics +1“, including a bonus track and digitally remastered.
This fourth studio album featured acoustic versions of several of the band’s biggest hits, but also four new songs. New superb songs for sure: ‘You Are My Religion’ ranks among their best written tunes, “Love Don’t Care” is rich in dynamics, while “In Your Perfect World” is simply delicious.

It was the mid-Nineties and polished melodic hard rock wasn’t in voge during these dark years for rock n’ roll music. But for bands like Firehouse the ‘unplugged’ was some kind of a way to keep it alive.

There’s several things that made “Good Acoustics” so good: it isn’t completely ‘unplugged’ – there’s some electric instrumentation, giving the versions a more muscular output – we have new songs, and essentially, the band delivers some of the best performances of their career.
CJ Snare vocals shine, and the whole band gave their best to arrange and perform the songs in acoustic mode but plenty of groove.

Highlights include the re-working versions of ‘All She Wrote’, ‘Don’t Treat Mr Bad’, “When I Look Into Your Eyes” and the countrified “Love of a Lifetime”.
But as said, the new songs are great. And they do a really good cover of “Seven Bridges Road” (made famous by The Eagles).

This Japanese edition includes as bonus ‘Love Of A Lifetime [Extremely Acoustic Version]’, much more relaxed and with a campfire feeling.
Very good album, and great remaster, a must for Firehouse fans and lovers of well performed (and produced) classic rock music.
Highly Recommended

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Sony Music Japan ~ EICP-981
『 F I R E H O U S E 』

01 – You Are My Religion
02 – Love Don’t Care
03 – In Your Perfect World
04 – No One At All
05 – Love Of A Lifetime
06 – All She Wrote
07 – When I Look Into Your Eyes
08 – Don’t Treat Me Bad
09 – Her for You
10 – I Live My Life for You
11 – Seven Bridges Road
12 – Love Of A Lifetime [Extremely Acoustic Version]

C.J. Snare – lead vocals, keyboards
Bill Leverty – guitars, vocals
Perry Richardson – bass, vocals
Michael Foster – drums, percussion, vocals
Jamo Vanderbogert – percussion



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  1. IceNine says:

    Love this, as it was a great album but did lacked a little in the production area and I hope the remaster ironed those issues out?


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