FIRE TIGER – Suddenly Heavenly (2018)

FIRE TIGER - Suddenly Heavenly - full

FIRE TIGER is an atypical band from the current L.A. scene: after listening to the band’s just released new album “Suddenly Heavenly” their ’80s sound is certainly inescapable.
This album takes you back to the days when you could dance around in your room to the latest videos on MTV, via catchy poppy melodic rock melodies and its feel-good vibe.

While the days of watching the top 20 on MTV may be long gone, there are still few decent videos on youtube, stations devoted it to, and (of course) the CD / LP and even Cassette Tapes (“Suddenly Heavenly” is available on this format too).
Yes, from their band name FIRE TIGER to the look and sound of the decade where leg warmers were a fashion statement you can’t go wrong: FIRE TIGER are pure ’80s.

“Suddenly Heavenly” is the band’s second effort, a ten-song collection that will seriously leave you wondering what year it is. Even the track list at the back cover is presented as ‘Side A / Side B’
Everything from the vocals to the music is true classic ’80s Melodic poppy Rock and I am totally obsessed after just one listen.

There’s catchy melodies, strong guitars, glossy production and great harmony vocals. Vocalist Tiffany Alkouri’s style and soulful delivery are reminiscent of Bonnie Tyler or Sandi Saraya and again I’m sure those comparisons have been iterated times over.

FIRE TIGER - Suddenly Heavenly (2018) cd

While all the songs are fun, there are a few in particular I really like.
Opener ‘Love the Way’ is a highlight, a moving melodic rocker filled with soaring vocals and sharp guitars / solos all over. Some kind of SARAYA with more punch.

The instant melody & lyrics of ‘Sailing to Neverland’ brings to mind a young ROBIN BECK, then ‘Be Bygones’ – with a cool guest guitar solo courtesy of Steve Lukather’s son Trev – easily could have been part of a teen movie soundtrack in 1987.
There’s a nice midtempo ballad in ‘Feeling’ with some BANGLES on it, and a very KRISTINE-like lovely tune in the title track.

FIRE TIGER - Suddenly Heavenly (2018) back

We need more bands like FIRE TIGER, especially the US market needs it.
Honestly, “Suddenly Heavenly” a loveable album from start to finish, it sounds like a ‘lost 80s LP’ bringing a huge breath of fresh air to the current scene.
Eighties suckers, you need this one.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Love the Way
02 – Ice Age
03 – Sailing to Neverland
04 – Be Bygones
05 – Faces
06 – Guarantee
07 – Feeling
08 – You Changed Me
09 – Easy Road
10 – Suddenly Heavenly

Tiffany Alkouri – vocals, percussion
James Ramsey – keys, guitar, vocals
Jordan Lucas – guitar
Chris Cuomo – bass
Tyler Moore – drums
Riker Lynch – bass (10)
Trev Lukather – guitar (4)
Chris Knapp – drums (4,7)
Clark Souter – bass (4-7,9)
Jordan Stricklen – guitar (9)



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