FIRE TIGER – All The Time (2020)

FIRE TIGER - All The Time (2020) full

L.A. female fronted rock&pop wonders FIRE TIGER are back with third album “All The Time“, and since its cover artwork you realize that everything about this band is authentic ’80s.
Their songs aim to capture the nostalgic musical quality attributed to that era and bring it back to the mainstream. In a perfect world – and it hasn’t to be 1985 but 2020 – at least four the songs here should be a hit.

Spanning the spectrum of pop-rock music while incorporating a broad range of influences and employing a variety of catchy sound devices, this disc is about as varied as you could ask for, all while sounding like a cohesive collection from recognizably the same band… Before long, the album is an enjoyable old friend beginning-to-end.

In addition to the wondrous talents of contralto singer / songwriter Tiffany Alkouri, the Fire Tiger current line-up consists of co-writer / keyboardist James Ramsey, guitarist Jordan Lucas, bassist Tyler Renga, and drummer Lorenzo Meynardi.
While comparisons to the great female fronted rock&pop / AOR bands (Heart, Scandal, Pat Benatar) may abound, Ms. Alkouri and company present their own impressive take on a timeless genre, and the resulting ‘All The Time’ is a stunning work of artistry that is not to be missed.

Launching the ‘All The Time’ experience with the rapturous refrains of ‘Don’t Take Me Home’, the album instantly captures the attention with shimmering choruses that dazzle the senses. ‘Getaway Song’ sounds like a massive mid-Eighties FM radio hit that would warm the heart of even the most jaded of music critic.

And the glorious pop rocking reveries keep on arriving, including highlights such as ‘Silly Thing to Do’, the upbeat title track ‘All the Time’, the joyful ‘Way to My Heart’, and the pop sensibility of the AORish midtempo ballad “Side of You’, with some Berlin on it.
Once you slip ”All The Time” into the CD player, expect to keep this on repeat for ages.

“All The Time” is a 12-song collection that will seriously leave you wondering what year it is. Everything from the vocals to the music is pure classic ’80s Pop/Rock, and you have ‘that’ production sound too which recaptures that variety that is somehow lost in today’s recordings such as different sonic levels and various drum/guitar sounds.
Fire Tiger epitomizes a true return to the ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ 80s.
Highly Recommended


01 – Don’t Take Me Home
02 – So Many Fishes
03 – Magical Brew
04 – Undeniable
05 – Getaway Song
06 – Silly Thing to Do
07 – All the Time
08 – Solo Poquito
09 – Flying Solo
10 – Way to My Heart
11 – Side of You
12 – Spider at Midnight

Tiffany Alkouri – vocals, percussion
James Ramsey – keys, guitar, vocals
Jordan Lucas – guitar
Tyler Renga – bass
Lorenzo Meynardi – drums



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