FEE WAYBILL – Fee Waybill Rides Again (2020)

FEE WAYBILL - Fee Waybill Rides Again (2020) full

We didn’t see this coming… in fact, nobody seen this coming because there isn’t a Press Release at all: after almost 20 years FEE WAYBILL is releasing a new album, titled “Fee Waybill Rides Again“. Produced and co-written with his long time friend RICHARD MARX, both have been quietly recording this album since the last year.
And let me tell you, “Fee Waybill Rides Again” rocks awesomely. Don’t let be fooled by the ex- The Tubes age; he’s 70, but his vocals are intact. And not only that, Fee rocks here like a few with a collection of killer, uptempo melodic rockers full of nerve.
As said, no PR, but we know that some talented cats recorded here uncredited – one of ’em a guy called Steve Lukather…

Honestly, this album deserves major exposure.
Not only the songs and production are excellent, but it’s Waybill’s comeback after more than 2 decades. The man always put out class stuff, and “Fee Waybill Rides Again” is among his best.
And the great news are Fee vocals are in top form too.

Richard Marx said; “It’s hard to keep your voice fine with age. One of my best friends is Fee Waybill from The Tubes; he’s 70 and still out there touring. I asked him, “Is it easier for you to sing than it used to be?” He said, “Oh yeah, absolutely”.
He’s an amazing singer”.

“Fee Waybill Rides Again” is a 9-track album only, but that’s a good thing as well: all are great, no unnecessary filler. All uptempo – there’s a couple of elegant mid-paced tunes, but even those rocks – and let me tell you, this album is better than many major label melodic rock releases this year.


01 – Faker
02 – How Dare You
03 – Don’t Want to Pull the Trigger
04 – Say Goodbye
05 – Promise Land
06 – Man of the World
07 – Still You on the Inside
08 – Woulda Coulda Shoulda
09 – Meant to Be Alone



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5 Responses

  1. Trev says:

    Lets hope it gets a cd release with artwork and liner notes

  2. Derrick says:

    You never know what’s round the corner do you. Totally unexpected but I hope that this is good. Thank you very much.

  3. Stone says:

    Tubes – Love Bomb Remaster would be greatly appreciated

    Fee still sounds good!

  4. Anonymous says:

    As unexpected as the new Boomtown Rats but a far better album.

  5. TK says:

    Faker is balls out, hard charging rock and roll. Thank God Alan Hunter mentioned the album on SiriusXM. The album is solid from top to bottom. And as a long time Tubes fan, Fee’s voice has never sounded better. Congrats to Fee and Richard on a job incredibly well done!

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