CHINA – China [YesterRock Digitally Remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

CHINA - China [YesterRock Digitally Remastered] full

The self-titled debut album by Swiss Melodic Hard Rock / AOR combo CHINA was remastered for the first time by YesterRock specialists (although not printed on the artwork due to license reasons), now a not easy to find disc.
Depending the country of release, the original edition of “China” featured a different track list. This reissue include all tracks, plus the rare ‘When Passion Burns’ (not listed as bonus track though).
If you love late ’80s catchy melodic hard rock with AOR waves here and there, you need to check out this album now.

China born in 1985 by drummer John Dommen including into the line up Math Shiverow (vocals), Claudio Matteo (guitar), Freddy Laurence (guitar) and Marc Lynn (bass) and after some demos Phonogram resulted very interested in the band due their similarity in sound with Europe, a sensation at the moment.
They stated to work on the self-titled debut album receiving support at the recordings of the two Krokus musicians Marc Storace (vocals) and Fernando von Arb (guitar). Storace sings some backing vocals and Von Arb wrote the song “Back To You” .

The goal here was to create catchy, radiable melodic rock songs with AOR touches, heavy synths and multi-layered choruses.
While China’s sound on this album is pretty Americanized to conquer the US market (something augmented in China’s awesome 2nd album), they still has some of that ‘Euro bite’, especially on some edgy guitar riffs in the style of Europe / Norum or TNT.

You can’t go wrong with any title here, all are killer tunes such as ‘Hot Lovin’ Night’ (the more AOR and my favorite), ‘Shout it Out’, ‘Don’t Look Back’ and the anthemic ‘One Shot To The Heart’ and ‘Wild Jealousy’.
Vocalist Math Shiverow is another factor adding some ‘bite’ to the album, as he comes from the traditional metal scene, and this adds a special charm to the songs (he was replaced for the second album by the more melodic Patrick Mason).

CHINA - China [YesterRock Digitally Remastered] back

“China”, the self-titled debut by these Swiss guys still is pretty unknown for American melodic rock fans, but not for sure in Europe.
That’s why Universal Music Europe few years ago decided to reissue the album for the first time since its original edition and commissioned a remastering to YesterRock headquarters. The result is a blast compared to the low signal original CD.
“China” is a fantastic album from beginning to end, believe me.


01 – Intro
02 – Shout It Out
03 – Back To You
04 – The Fight Is On
05 – Wild Jealousy
06 – Rock City
07 – Hot Lovin’ Night
08 – Living On The Stage
09 – I Need Your Love
10 – When Passion Burns (Bonus Track)
11 – Staying Alive
12 – One Shot To The Heart
13 – Don’t Look Back

Vocals – Math Shiverow
Guitar – Claudio Matteo, Freddy Laurence
Bass – Marc Lynn
Drums – John Dommen



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    I agree…

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