BLACKBALLED – Elephant In The Room (2020)

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Tomorrow is the international release date for BLACKBALLED‘s third album, “Elephant In The Room“, the new CD from the band based around New Model Army guitarist Marshall Gill, a musical powerhouse trio of passion and style.
The British three-piece combines the best ingredients from hard rock riffs and dirty blues grooves enriched with a good shot of soulfulness, Blackballed conjure up an energy that captivates you from the very first bar.

Guitarist/vocalist Marshall Gill is the focal point here, the pivot around which the rhythm section lays down a selection of tight-as-the proverbial grooves. Between them this exceedingly powerful trio traverse the classic rock gamut with verve and style, from the snakehipped seventies metal attack of ‘Someone Else’s Shoes’ and ‘Show Me The Light’ all the way across to the more loosely assembled strummage of the poppy ‘Another Lonely Day’.

The mournful ballad ‘Flesh and Bone’ recalls the early days of Free or maybe Grand Funk main man Mark Farner in his more reflective solo moments – with a glorious attention to detail that never sounds nerdish or forced but always hits the target dead on in every respect. Gill’s solo on this track is one of the highlights of the album, brief, restrained, tasteful and emotive, bringing the hairs on the back of the neck to attention as he explores his fretboard beautifully.

‘Break These Chains’ is an uptempo barroom boogie that’ll get ’em rolling in the aisles when they’re allowed to rock in the UK again, and they change for some modernity on penultimate track ‘Bring You Down’.
Call it retro rock, classic rock, vintage hard rock, whatever you wish, “Elephant In The Room” sees the band ready to conquer new and exciting territories thanks to the stunning dexterity of their blues-swamped hard rock majesty.
Highly Recommended


01 – When the Devil Calls
02 – Someone Else’s Shoes
03 – Elephant in the Room
04 – Show Me the Light
05 – Another Lonely Day
06 – Flesh and Bone
07 – The Lion
08 – Break These Chains
09 – Bring You Down
10 – Mother Earth

Marshall Gill – Vocals, Guitars
Alex Whitehead – Drums
Tom Wibberley – Bass



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