ANGEL (Helena Michaelsen of Imperia) – A Woman’s Diary (Chapter II) (2020)

ANGEL (Helena Michaelsen of Imperia) - A Woman's Diary (Chapter II) (2020)  full

A Woman’s Diary – Chapter II” is the diary of Imperia’s vocalist Helena Iren Michaelsen’s life turned into lyrics and music, captured on an album under the moniker ANGEL alongside husband and prolific producer Oliver Phillipps.
While 2005’s “A Woman’s Diary – Chapter I” fit more into the vein of gothic metal, this sequel explores a wider musical territory, acting more like a story to the listener taking you on a journey into this amazing woman’s life and allowing you to feel the pain and revel in her joy depending on the mood she conveys.
Phillips’ musical accompaniment alongside Michaelsen’s emotionally packed lyrics is amazing, ranging from sympho, hard rock, ethereal passages, and more.


01 – Never Again
02 – Streetchild
03 – I Don’t Believe
04 – Imprisoned
05 – Do You Hear My Cry
06 – Eg Ser
07 – Happy Birthday
08 – My Desire
09 – Rock in the Sea
10 – Silence
11 – Angel Maria
12 – Goodbye
13 – Angel Maria’s Poem

Helena Iren Michaelsen (Imperia) – Vocals
Oliver Philipps – All Instruments



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