TOTALLY LOST CAUSE (TLC) – Original Sin [recorded 1991] (2020)

TOTALLY LOST CAUSE (TLC) - Original Sin [recorded 1991] (2020) full

Originally baptized T.L.C., later known as TOTALLY LOST CAUSE, was formed in 1989 in Scranton, Pennsylvania by Charlie Russello (guitar) and Michael Blare (vocals). Russello would soon follow the great migration to Hollywood like so many other hopeful and aspiring hard rock musicians would.
In 1991 T.L.C. self-released their debut album “Original Sin”. The disc included 10-tracks of well crafted and classy melodic hard rock songs that would have made for a perfect debut for the band and gained a lot of attention if it weren’t for bad timing and perhaps some misdirection.
Still, T.L.C. fared well regionally on the Rock scene that was about to go through some changes. Now the album is being properly remastered / reissued on CD, a strong collection of tracks very well produced and influenced by the likes of Baton Rouge, Black N’ Blue, Keel and alike.

The origins of T.L.C. began after a brief meeting in the mid-1980s between Russello and Blare, both from local bands, both wishing to move to LA. Russello did it, meanwhile Blare remained in Scranton where he continued working in various short-lived projects.
The two reconnected three years later when Russello returned to Pennsylvania and would immediately begin writing original material together.

Russello would then ask bassist Tony Garbuba – who he knew from a previous band in which both had answered ads – to join the forming band. Along with drummer Kevin Brislin who was brought-in by Blare from a band they were in together, T.L.C. was formed.
Armed with 10 strong songs, the band recorded the album at Sound Investments Studio, Scranton PA, between 1990-91.

Songs like ‘Without Love’, ‘Original Sin’ or ‘Open Hearted’ are pure late ’80s melodic hard rock with catchy choruses, while T.L.C. hardened their sound ‘To Hell and Back’ or ‘Dawn’s Light’ adding some edgy guitars in the vein of Keel’s heavier side, and even some Steeler.
The whole thing was very well produced for an indie with a crisp sound, now benefited by modern remastering.
Highly Recommended


01 – Without Love
02 – To Hell and Back
03 – Clock Strikes Midnight
04 – ‘Til Death
05 – Island of Steel
06 – Original Sin
07 – Night in the City
08 – Dawn’s Light
09 – Open Hearted
10 – Message

Michael Devlin Blare – Lead Vocals
Charlie Russello – All Guitars
Tony Garuba – Bass, Keys and Vocals
Kevin “Thumper” Brislin – Drums


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