THE OUTFIELD – Extra Innings [2020 reissue]

THE OUTFIELD - Extra Innings [2020 reissue] full

Few days ago THE OUTFIELD has made officially available for digital download for the first time their album ‘Extra Innings‘. The album includes 1985 recordings which were unreleased / only distributed via their fan-club with the title ‘It Ain’t Over’.
In 1999, The Outfield decided to release these songs on physical CD with the addition of 4 new songs, titled “Extra Innings”. The disc went of of print and never officially available for digital download… until now.
These songs are ’80s pure gold, upbeat, feel-good stuff ready for the Summer.

The Outfield followed a simple modus operandi: high, yearning vocals and tight guitar lines stretched over compressed rock&pop. Song after song, album after album, the trio pulls off this considerable hat trick to no monetary avail. Any discerning rock fans need to know that songwriter John Spinks (RIP) qualified as one of the most consistent melody merchants around.

Why these songs were not released in the mid-80s is a total mystery. Each piece floats past like an afternoon reverie, while “Kiss the Rain,” “Heaven’s Little Angel,” “Girl of Mine,” and “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” would rule the airwaves in a perfect universe.
With “Slow Motion” goosebumps are guaranteed, and the AORish melody of “One Love” is so, so Eighties.

Toward the end, these radio-rock / power-pop true-believers stray into some new territory with four new songs (1999), but never fear: The Outfield doesn’t bore us, and the boys always get to the chorus which explodes like the goop in a sticky-sweet doughnut.
Can’t ask for much more from this cleanup collection of 15 audio delights; “Extra Innings” is a godsend.
Small pleasures are the best pleasures. ‘Nuff said.


01 – Heaven’s Little Angel
02 – Lay Down / It Ain’t Over
03 – Certain Kinda’ Love
04 – Kiss the Rain
05 – Girl of Mine
06 – Midnight Moves
07 – Dance the Night Away
08 – Slow Motion
09 – Talking ’bout Us
10 – My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend
11 – One Love
12 – It’s a Crime
13 – Chic Lorraine
14 – Out to Lunch
15 – They Can’t Knock You Down Again

Tony Lewis – vocals, bass
John Spinks – guitar, keyboard, vocals
Simon Dawson – drums, vocals



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