PHIL VINCENT – Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday (2020)

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Released June 10th, 2020, “Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday” is PHIL VINCENT (Legion, Tragik, D’Ercole) solo album number 22(!), who tends to indulge his love of classic melodic hard rock and The Beatles more on his solo efforts.
The new album runs the spectrum of melodic rock, from the catchy poppy rocker ‘Flying High’, the huge guitar solos on the hard rocking ‘Loser In The End’, through to melodic metal of ‘Same Mistake’ – complete with riff-tastic verses and a catchy chorus.

Phil also does ballads and this time we have ‘Loss (Part 1) – Hole In My Heart’ and ‘Loss (Part 2) – One Day, We’ll Meet Again’.
Part 1 is a rockier affair, whereas Part 2 is piano led, backed out by strings and synths to good effect. I am sure he enjoys the rockers but Phil Vincent pens some powerful ballads too. Oh, and Part 2 features a sublime bit of Brian May inspired guitar playing.

You would think after so many albums you’d either be in a comfortable musical rut, repeating the same music each time or be frantically trying any musical genre to find a song writing inspiration.
Not so for Phil Vincent, who again proves he is a master at creating hook-filled, immensely enjoyable melodic hard rock with plenty of guitar solos.
Highly Recommended


01. Loss, Pt. 1 – Hole In My Heart
02. When I’m Gone
03. Pictures
04. Flying High
05. Voices
06. The Real You
07. Feed Your Anger
08. Loser In The End
09. No Good Reason
10. Same Mistake
11. Loss, Pt. 2 – One Day We’ll Meet Again

Phil Vincent – Vocals, all instruments
Vince O’Regan – guest guitar
Gav Cooper – additional bass



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