PERTICONE (feat. Eric Martin) – Underdog (2020)

PERTICONE (feat. Eric Martin) - Underdog (2020) full

Hailing from South America, PERTICONE is the solo project of vocalist / musician Martin Perticone, member – among others – of Eric Martin’s touring band. The Mr. Big vocalist sings leads and made a duet with Perticone, and other melodic rock related musicians are also collaborating such as Charlie Giardina (Flamedown, Watchmen).
Perticone’s debut album “Underdog” is influenced by late ’80s / early ’90s American melodic hard rock scene with a radio friendly approach and a very good, bright production.


01 – No One Else But You
02 – Out Of Control
03 – All You Can Trust (lead vocals Eric Martin)
04 – Man on the Moon (duet with Edu Giardina)
05 – Giselle
06 – Dusty Road
07 – Back to My Heart
08 – Underdog
09 – All You Can Trust (duet with Eric Martin / Different Version)

Martin Perticone – vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Eric Martin – vocals
Edu Giardina – drums, vocals
Guillermo de Medio – keyboards
Charlie Giardina – backing vocals



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  1. Cristian says:

    Hello from South America!
    Thank You for sharing so much music daily!
    I wanted to respectfully inform whomever the owner of this site is, that none of the music available since June 22nd is downloading correctly, it seems to be a Server’s issue because I’ve tried with several different albums and had no luck. Thanks.

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