KICK (Nick Workman of Vega) – Sweet Lick Of Fire [Remastered & Expanded]

KICK (Nick Workman of Vega) - Sweet Lick Of Fire [Remastered & Expanded] full

Formed by brothers Chris & Mike Jones, melodic rockers KICK enlisted one of the genre current best vocalists; Vega’s Nick Workman. “Sweet Lick Of Fire” is Kick’s second album where they expanded the sound mixing rocking riffs with commercial choruses and a slick modern sound, often compared with Harem Scarem style at the time.

Kick was a band that played melodic hard rock in it’s best tradition, at places modern from time to time but they really rock. “Sweet Lick Of Fire” is quite varied in its delivery, with songs like ‘Kaleidoscopic Eyes’, the title track, ‘Time, Born Again’ and ‘Behind Close Doors’ showcasing the Jones songwriting abilities to drop an instant hook.

I particularly like the rhythm guitars and how carry the songs, and of course the excellent performance of Workman. Using many effects both on vocals and guitars the band achieve a very successful balance between modern and classic. A lot of keyboards are also cleverly placed to accent melody.

There’s some harder-edged songs as well like “Inhibition”, and balladesque moments such as “Painless”.
Among the bonus tracks on this expanded edition we find the Japanese Edition exclusive bonus track “Half the Man”, which reminds us of Extreme circa ‘III’.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Greatest Show on Earth
02 – Inhibition
03 – So Help Me God
04 – Kaleidoscopic Eyes
05 – Time
06 – Sweet Lick of Fire
07 – Born Again
08 – Behind Closed Doors
09 – Painless
10 – Where I Belong
11 – Praying for the Day
12 – Half the Man (Japanese Bonus Track)
13 – Painless (Orchestral Mix)
14 – Massive Ego (Drum Solo)

Nick Workman – vocals
Mikey Jones – bass, guitars, vocals
Chris Jones – guitars, vocals
Olli Cunningham – keyboards
Adam Schunker – drums



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