DA VINCI – Back In Business [MTM Classix remaster +1]

DA VINCI - Back In Business [MTM Classix remaster +1] full

Alongside the Fate albums requested and the recent DA VINCI exclusive feature here of their last CD in its Japanese edition, also their early ’80s records were in demand.
Here’s “Back In Business“, the remastered second and final Eighties album from these mighty Melodic Rock musicians.

As well as the debut album by this impressive quintet, “Back In Business” has been remastered / reissued via the MTM Classix series.
Originally coming out in 1989 – through the Norwegian Polygram label – the sophomore effort by Da Vinci can easily stand one step above their legendary (for fans of the genre and ‘obscurities’ collectors) debut.
And how can this differentiate?

The key-factor in Da Vinci splits in two: first, Robert Aass’ vocal melodies are tremendous, much more elaborated than before. Clear, distinctive and emotional. And second, the majestic guitar playing of Gunnar Westlie – driving, harmonic and passionate – carries on the tradition of ideal Northern Europe axemen like John Norum, Hank Sherman (Fate), Kee Marcello or Ronni LeTekro (TNT).
The songwriting on this second album is even stronger than their awesome debut, plenty of heavenly melodies and catchy choruses.

With a more vibrant production and polished arrangements “Back In Business” stands proud enough even after 29 whole years.
Speaking about Scandi AOR / MR, this album is pure gold. “Touchdown”, “Hold Back The Tears”, “Turn Down The Lights”, “Young Hearts”… every single song in this CD contains a million dollar hook or two.

But if you need to show someone what this musical genre is all about, just play ’em “Call Me A Liar”, a definition of pure fluffy Scandi AOR crafted in the ’80s.
Originally released as vinyl 7” single only, “Blame It On The Radio” is the bonus track here, and another winner. Its title speaks for itself.

DA VINCI - Back In Business [MTM Classix remaster +1] back

“Back In Business” is every bit as good as the best Europe / Treat / Dalton / Fate / TNT classic albums, and one of the greatest Scandi Rock records ever.
Nuff said. Essential for fans of the genre.


01 – Touchdown
02 – Call Me A Liar
03 – Young Hearts
04 – 9 And 10
05 – Turn Down The Lights
06 – Millions Like Us
07 – Pink Champagne
08 – Circus Maximus
09 – Hold Back The Tears
10 – Last Time
11 – Blame It On The Radio (B-side)

Lars Aass – lead vocals
Gunnar Westlie – guitar
Dag Selboskar – keyboards
Bjorn Boge – bass
Jarle Maloy – drums



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