CHRIS ANTBLAD – Age Of Concord III ; The Last Day Of Summer (2020)

CHRIS ANTBLAD - Age Of Concord III ; The Last Day Of Summer (2020) full

Swedish musician & producer CHRIS ANTBLAD (Spin Gallery) has been releasing several singles recently, month after month, something many musicians has chosen to present their music instead of a full album. As Antblad previously did, at certain point he put all these singles together and make a new volume of his “Age Of Concord” series.
Age Of Concord III ; The Last Day Of Summer” is the 2020 Chris Antblad full release, mixing melodic rock with rock&pop and some Westcoast waves.

Known for his work with guitarist Tommy Denander, David Foster, Andree Theander, etc and writing / producing for other Scandinavian artists, since many years Antblad manage everything by his own: arrangements, instrumentation and production.
He’s helped by some fellow musicians, but as a whole, these are Antblad’s own work.

Among the highlights, ‘Words’ is a soaring midtempo AORish tune with an infectious chorus, ‘The Last Day of Summer’ a sweet melodic rocker with a stupendous melodic line, and ‘Lion’ is an atmospheric ballad with that characteristic Scandinavian Westcoast touch.

‘Unbroken’ is a melodious power pop inspired tune, we find an ethereal ballad on ‘A Painting’, there’s a nice midtempo in ‘My Heart’s Forever Young’, songwriting-wise with some Def Leppard feel circa X album, while ‘I Played The Piano And She Danced’ is not far from what Mark Spiro has been doing during the past decade.

Very well produced by himself at his own studio, these collection of fresh songs by Chris Antblad are a really enjoyable slice of sweet, timeless tunes.
Fans of Spin Gallery, Street Talk, Mike Spiro, Michael Learns To Rock and alike will enjoy “Age Of Concord III” aplenty.
Highly Recommended


01 – Unbroken
02 – Lion
03 – The Last Day of Summer
04 – Mr. Preacherman
05 – A Painting
06 – My Heart’s Forever Young
07 – Tattoos
08 – I Played The Piano And She Danced
09 – I Prayed for Rain
10 – When It Was Only You and Me
11 – Words



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