The Lost US Jewels Vol.4 ; BEG BORROW & STEAL – Push And Shove (Out Of Print)

The Lost US Jewels Vol.4 ; BEG BORROW & STEAL - Push And Shove (Out Of Print) full

Some great AOR & Melodic Rock acts – specifically in the Eighties / Nineties – both in UK and the US never got the luck they deserved. This is the mission of Steelheart Memories Records with their “Lost UK / US Jewels” Collector’s Series; endeavour to bring you these ‘hidden treasures’ via Limited Edition Collector’s Volumes (500 copies pressed of each CD) under the supervision of Classic Rock AOR / Powerplay / AOR Underground journalist Rob Evans.

“Lost Jewels” released material from awesome bands like Voyager, Zero Zero or Strutz (presented on this blog), now it’s time for another fairly obscure act, the sadly underrated BEG BORROW & STEAL with their album “Push And Shove“, first time on CD and remastered from the original tapes.

Put together in the late ‘80s by ex Preview drummer Ed Bettinelli with hot singer Lauralei Combs and talented guitarist Bob Dee, BEG BORROW & STEAL were ready to conquer the world.

After having signed a deal with a major label, they entered the “Music Grinder” in L.A., with Sir Arthur Payson (Ratt, Robin Beck) as producer and they recorded an amazing debut album, featuring some of the best female Melodic Hard Rock to come out of the ‘90s, a mixture of Witness, Saraya, Femme Fatale and Aerosmith.

The Lost US Jewels Vol.4 ; BEG BORROW & STEAL - Push And Shove (Out Of Print) - back

There was a 4-track promo cassette issued, but unfortunately the album never was properly released, as RCA dropped the band.
Mastered by the great George Marino at Sterling Sound NYC, the sound quality is top notch. As said, this is first class American female-fronted stuff that certainly deserved to be heard by fans of the genre.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Deep, Down & Dirty
02 – No Reason Why
03 – Step Back
04 – Hide
05 – Shake
06 – Gave You My Heart
07 – Simple Heart
08 – Angels
09 – Nickie
10 – Hearts On Fire

Lead Vocals – Lauralei Combs
Guitar – Jack Johnson
Guitar – Bob Dee
Bass – Brad Hallen
Drums, Percussion – Eddie Bettinelli



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