ALEXA (Paul Sabu) – Alexa [MTM Classix / YesterRock Remastered]

ALEXA (Paul Sabu) - Alexa [MTM Classix / YesterRock Remastered] full

Produced and co-written by Paul Sabu, “Alexa” is the awesome self-titled debut by female vocalist ALEXA Anastasia, here remastered by YesterRock’s resident Tony Übler.
Simply put, this is one of the best female-fronted AOR albums ever made – it was 1989, so you know the production sound – and perhaps including some of th best songs Paul Sabu ever wrote, one with Joe Lynn Turner.

Despite baring the name of the Swiss singer, “Alexa” has been directed entirely by Paul Sabu who was the driving force behind this project.
The line up that recorded “Alexa” are actually the members of Sabu’s late ’80s outfit Only Child featuring bassist Murrill Maglio, key-player Tommy Rude, drummer Charles Esposito and Paul on guitars.

They cut one of the arguably greatest female fronted AOR albums of all time. Primarily the compositions are mid tempo featuring equal amounts of melodic guitars and keyboards. The harmonious keyboards / synths carry the indispensable harmonies on each song while Sabu’s lead guitar playing is outstanding.

And do not forget Alexa’s powerful vocals. She owns a very similar singing style to that of the guitarist, often considered his female vocal equivalent, baring the same rough edge on her mid/bass range while modeling her extra-intense performances after Sabu’s example.
It is hard to dispute that “We don’t remember why”, “Let it rock”, “Heart to heart” “A cry away”, have the quality of classic AOR tracks, as they peak on both songwriting and performance.

Listening back to this album now many years after its original release proves that the songs have easily stood the test of time. Very well remastered, this MTM Classix re-issue sounds excellent.
For admirers of top female fronted 80s AOR / melodic rock in the style of Heart, Robin Beck, If Only, etc, and of course fans of Paul Sabu, “Alexa” is satisfaction guaranteed.
A Must Have


01 – I Can’t Shake You
02 – We Don’t Remember Why
03 – Dance The Night Away
04 – Wanderlust
05 – Let It Rock
06 – A Cry Away
07 – Cool Wind
08 – Heart To Heart
09 – Spooky
10 – From Now On

Vocals – Alexa Anastasia
Guitars – Paul Sabu
Keyboards – Tommy Rude
Bass – Murrill Maglio
Drums – Charles Esposito


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