ROOM EXPERIENCE (David Readman) – Another Time And Place (2020)

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Brainchild of Italian keyboardist / songwriter Gianluca Firmo, ROOM EXPERIENCE debut album hit the melodic rock headlines back in 2015, featuring a professional team of musicians led by the production duo, Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri, and Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti. Fronted by rockstar vocalist David Readman (Pink Cream 69, ex-Voodoo Circle), the self-titled debut album received acclaim from fans and critics.
With the same crew and guests including Street Talk, Raintimes, 91 Suite, etc, second album titled “Another Time And Place” delivers an even more refined slice of classic AOR Melodic Rock a little bit of Classic Rock.

Opener ‘Hear Another Song’ really invite to listening more, but meanwhile you’ll be enjoying a bright melodic rocker full of dynamics. Then you hear more, with the quality of next track ‘Wild Heart’, where the sound shifts strongly towards the AOR genre. Simple and effective, and actually surprising that Room Experience are not enlisted by Frontiers Records.

You’ll be in a treat with the awesomely titled ‘Strangers In The Night’ (and not only its title) and ‘The Distance’, track #4 and 5, two gems in a row and both highlights. Neat a verses, killer choruses and in the former, nicely an octave higher towards the end. David’s voice is here is in full, warm and yet powerful like David Coverdale’s at his best.
Something that is even more prominent in ‘Your Voice Inside’, a composition in which Room Experience lets the sensitive side unfold in every way.

Dressed with a classic hard rock riff, ‘Disappointed’ doesn’t disappoints at all, crowned by a catchy chorus. ‘Shout’ is a bit more up-tempo, while ‘Another Time And Place’ creates the same feeling in a somewhat calmer character, then classic AOR and some classic rock touch is reflected within ‘The Miles That Make A Road’.

This second album from Room Experience is very, very good folks. The special thing about Room Experience is a songwriting spectrum able to cover a wide range of styles coming from classic AOR to more up-to-date melodic hard rock.
In addition, the voice of David Readman is reason enough for me to listen to an album.
A wet dream for classy AOR fans.
HIGHLY Recommended


01. Hear Another Song
02. Wild Heart
03. Disappointed
04. Strangers In The Night
05. The Distance
06. Shout
07. Another Time And Place
08. The Miles That Make A Road
09. The Night Goes On
10. A Thousand Lies
11. Your Voice Inside
12. The Distance (Lead Vocals: Gianluca Firmo)

David Readman: Lead & Backing Vocals
Gianluca Firmo: Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri: Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Steve De Biasi: Guitars
Simon Dredo: Bass
Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti: Drums & Percussion

Special guests:
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Hammond
Sven Larsson (Street Talk, Raintimes): Guitar
Ivan Gonzalez (91 Suite, Raintimes, Secret): Guitar
Stefano Zeni (Wheels Of FIre, Maryan): Guitar
Matteo Serra (Maryan, Charming Grace, ): Guitar
Lorenzo Foddai (Airbound): Guitar
Marcello Spera (Alchemy): Backing Vocals


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