MIKE TRAMP – This & That (But A Whole Lot More) [5xCD Box Set]

MIKE TRAMP - This & That (But A Whole Lot More) [5xCD Box Set] full

Ex White Lion MIKE TRAMP released this Box Set titled “This & That (But A Whole Lot More)” packing 5 CDs with previously unreleased material from Tramp’s long career as well some new material, a limited edition of 1000 copies worldwide.
Tramp stated about the box set: “In the 21st century where the music business has become something like an old-fashioned garage sale and your loyal fans have become someone you address by first name and have a coffee with, it is with great pleasure that I give back to those who have stood by my side for so long and shared this journey with me, and now give them the key to my own personal vault of songs and projects I have done over the past thirty years.
This box set is from Mike Tramp to his fans.”

First two discs contains demos of Trap solo works, some od these tracks are unreleased. All finished songs, with a very good production / sound quality.
Also the Freak Of Nature material is pre-production quality, disc four adds Mike with his Band Of Brothers rehearsing (very good recording live into the room).
And disc 5 includes all sorts of rarities from the Tramp treasure chest, again, very good recording / production values.
Collectors item, Highly Recommended


CD 1: Demos 1995-1997
1-1 Here I Don’t Belong
1-2 I Got You Running
1-3 Wait Not For Me
1-4 I Believe In Me
1-5 Love Will Come And Go
1-6 Ain’t Waiting For Tomorrow
1-7 Have You Ever
1-8 Not The Only One
1-9 More Than Nothing
1-10 Had I Not Complained
1-11 Faded
1-12 Take A Little Time
1-13 Heart Of Every Woman
1-14 Better Man
1-15 Somebody
1-16 Blind
1-17 Ain’t Ready To Let You Go
1-18 Just A Dream

CD 2: Demos 1998-2002
2-1 Mr. Death
2-2 Gonna Bring You Down
2-3 Don’t Know Anymore
2-4 Disbelief
2-5 Don’t Take My Rock ‘N’ Roll
2-6 Uninvited
2-7 Why Did I Deny It
2-8 Mother Earth
2-9 Endless Highway
2-10 Mother’s Instinct
2-11 Good, Sad & Ugly
2-12 Lay Down My Life For You
2-13 Live For Today
2-14 Nothing At All
2-15 Don’t Want To Say Goodnight
2-16 I Won’t Let Go
2-17 The Way It Was Before
2-18 More To Life Than This

CD 3: Freak Of Nature 1st Album Demos
3-1 Turn The Other Way
3-2 World Doesn’t Mind
3-3 What Am I
3-4 ’92
3-5 Ready To Go
3-6 Can’t Find My Way
3-7 People
3-8 Possessed
3-9 Rescue Me
3-10 Where Can I Go
3-11 Wartime
3-12 If I Leave
3-13 Love Was Here

CD 4: Band Of Brothers (Tour Rehearsal)
4-1 Work It All Out
4-2 Lady Of The Valley
4-3 Trust In Yourself
4-4 Little Fighter
4-5 Cobblestone
4-6 Broken Heart
4-7 What Am I
4-8 Tell Me
4-9 When The Children Cry
4-10 Radar Love

CD 5: Assorted Flavours
5-1 The Road
5-2 The Way It Was Before
5-3 Dream
5-4 Wait Not For Me
5-5 Till Death Do Us Part
5-6 Hymn For Ronnie
5-7 When The Children Cry
5-8 Anymore
5-9 Wiseman
5-10 The Spy



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