KIDD GLOVE – Kidd Glove [Rock Candy remastered +4] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

KIDD GLOVE (Paul Sabu) - Kidd Glove [Rock Candy remastered +4] (2020) full

At the early 80s and before his stupendous solo debut 1985 LP, Paul Sabu had become a name to watch. His superlative voice and penchant for crafting solid yet melodic rock made him a desirable commodity, something that didn’t escape the notice of a new record label called Morocco, a spin-off from Motown.
With a project under the name KIDD GLOVE, its self titled album appeared in 1984. While there has been a couple of remastered reissues, Rock Candy Records just released their own, including 4 bonus tracks, some of ’em never heard before.

All we know the melodic hard rock side of Paul Sabu since the mid-Eighties. But a young Sabu started his career in the Seventies recording some stuff mixing the popular ‘disco music’ of the era with Rock.
“Kidd Glove” was his first approach to pure Melodic Rock, with an AOR / Radio Rock sound typical of the year (1984) in the US. For Kidd Glove it all started when Motown Records (known for their many quality soul releases) decided to add a Rock division to their record company.

Paul Sabu was paired with some of Motown’s staff writers and together they wrote the material for the “Kidd Glove” album, which was subsequently recorded with the help of guest musicians such as talented drummer Mike Baird (wrongly credited as Baer) who worked with Prism, Eddie Money and later played in Journey’s Raised On Radio.
The radio-ready ‘Good Clean Fun’ opens the album, followed by the melodic rock bliss of ‘Killer Instinct’. A killer midtempo tune indeed.

Next arrives, in my opinion, one of the best tracks in Paul Sabu’s career; “Street Angel”. This is pure ’80s heaven plenty of gorgeous vocals, delicious synths, sharp guitar riffs, a pumpy rhythm section and a chorus to die for. Easily, one of the best songs from the decade.
There’s much more to enjoy: the AOR magic of ‘Spirit Of The Night’ and ‘Fade To Black’ (love the those keys!), the smooth radio-ready refrain of “Secrets”, or the anthemic, action movie-like ‘Hellzarockin’.
‘Suzie Wants To Be Star’ is close to melodic rock perfection, the way the song is arranged (and played) is simply great.

There was more material written during the Kidd Glove sessions. A couple appear here as bonus tracks, as well as songs done for ‘The Babysitters’ movie soundtrack. All are good, but special mention goes for “Brothers Forever”, a little melodic rock gem.
Great 80s stuff
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01 – Good Clean Fun
02 – Killer Instinct
03 – Street Angel
04 – Spirit Of The Night
05 – Fade To Black
06 – Hellzarockin’
07 – Somewhere In A Song
08 – Secrets
09 – Susie Wants To Be A Star
10 – Brothers Forever
11 – Rock Your World
12 – Rock Don’t Run
13 – Viking Boy

Paul Sabu – vocals, guitars
Mike Baird, Tommy Amato – drums
Jeff Steele, Murril Maglio – bass
Bobby Sandstorm, Tommy Rude – keyboards



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