HER CHARIOT AWAITS – Her Chariot Awaits (2020)

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HER CHARIOT AWAITS is a newly formed hard rock / melodic metal group featuring highly regarded female singer Ailyn (ex-Sirenia) and talented American guitarist & producer Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob). Having signed to Frontiers Music, the band’s self-titled debut will be released tomorrow.
This exciting new musical alliance came about through the vision of Frontiers, who put the two artists – each eager to create a new and exciting project – in touch. The pair gelled extremely well, creating an album that offers songs that will excite all lovers of technical, modern and extremely catchy heavy music.

Melting the well defined metal approach of Adrenaline Mob with more melodic hooks, Her Chariot Awaits showcases the incredible vocal talents of Ailyn. Here, she moves in a heavier and more straight ahead direction compared to her previous band.

Says Orlando: “It was a pleasure to write and perform an album with a singer like Ailyn with music that is geared more towards the commercial side of rock. Ailyn has a beautiful voice and was great to work with in and out of the studio, as was Jeff Thal (Bumblefoot) on drums!
I’m very happy with how the album is coming out. It’s a great collection of hard hitting yet melodic commercial rock tracks, which I hope you will all enjoy.”

Consisting of 11 tracks, “Misery” begins the journey with wickedly distorted guitar tearing away before Ailyn croons along to the bouncing beat. The tempo is rapid and ever-changing, propelled by the slamming drums and quick follow up of the guitars. Despite its title, the opener has a seductive melodic rock feel within its bones, and is accentuated by the grit and edge of its guitars.
Rocking its way in “Screaming Misfire” underlies Ailyn’s rhyming elegiac with quick-witted riffs and shuddering percussion. Her breathy, ascendant background vocals fill the air behind her feverish choruses, all with lyrics like “One thousand ways to learn my dark desire.”

“Stolen Heart” bathes in the talents of guitarist Orlando for its brief introduction. In this, Orlando runs through the notes with fiendish fury before the lush singing falls through. The epic crescendo of the song is Orlando’s effect-laden guitar solo where the track takes a turn.
Meanwhile, the breathtaking “Constant Craving” opts to take a far different approach to pacing than previous tracks. The song is built up with layers of a discordant guitar melody, listless, glassy percussion, and airy, drawn out singing.

Later on the fiery, possessive number “Line Of Fire” weaves the tale of a clingy ex and the impatient, fed-up new girlfriend as she makes her claim known. This creates a true spit-in-your-face and keep-on-walking attitude throughout the rocker.
Much more demure, “Just Remember” brings a leisurely tone to the album with its cries to recall memories and an ariose guitar.

Her Chariot Awaits offer a fresh and hot-blood flavor to their authentic Rock-n-Roll style. Ailyn Gimenez presents a rarely seen side to her vocals and entangles them with beautifully orchestrated chaotic riffs as the guitar’s distortion complements each note.
This delivers an edge to each individual song, one that highlights Thal’s drums with finesse and energy, whether it be in the slow pace of “Just Remember” or the fervent metric of “Forgive Me Dear.”
In short, Her Chariot Awaits are a wonderful band who have delivered a truly impressive debut.


01 – Misery
02 – Dead & Gone
03 – Screaming Misfire
04 – Stolen Heart
05 – Constant Craving
06 – Say No
07 – Line of Fire
08 – Turning the Page
09 – Take Me Higher
10 – Just Remember
11 – Forgive Me Dear

Ailyn – Lead Vocals (ex-Sirenia)
Mike Orlando – Guitars, Bass, Vocals (Adrenaline Mob)
Jeff Thal – Drums (Bumblefoot)
Brian Gearty – Bass


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