ROSE TATTOO – The 1980 Lost Album ‘Scarred For Life’ [official remaster] (2019)

ROSE TATTOO - The 1980 Lost Album 'Scarred For Life' [official remaster] (2019) full

This limited edition CD of 500 copies issued by Aussie Rock Archives has the ROSE TATTOO original ‘Scarred For Life1980 recording rejected by their record label, claiming that was not commercial enough and specially for the ‘too gross lyrics’.
The band put aside this recording that only survived until today on a few cassette tapes, and from this album only a few ideas were used for the band’s 1981 album Assault And Battery.

Not to be confused; in 1982 Rose Tattoo used the title ‘Scarred For Life’ for their third album but from this 1980 recording the only thing in common is just the title.
There’s a copy of the tape circulating for years traded among fans, but this is the actual CD release cleaned & ‘remastered’ to get the best possible audio quality.

The material on ‘The 1980 Lost Album ‘Scarred For Life’ is raw, abrasive hard rock, no gimmicks riff driven stuff, Aussie style.
The song ‘Street Fighter’, is in fact a cover of “Street Fighting Man”, The Rolling Stones song written Richards / Jagger, done by Rose Tattoo in a bruising, aggressive attack.

ROSE TATTOO - The 1980 Lost Album 'Scarred For Life' back

As bonus there’s ‘Snow Queen’, the rare B-side from Rose Tattoo first 7” single ever, obviously taken from vinyl but worth the inclusion.
A collector’s item


01 – Scarred For Life
02 – The Creeper
03 – It’s A Shame
04 – Rosetta
05 – Holocaust
06 – High Line
07 – Suicide
08 – 4th Form Fantasy
09 – Street Fighter
10 – Snow Queen (1977 B-Side) [Bonus Track]

Angry Anderson – Vocals
Pete Wells – Guitar
Lobby Loyde – Bass, Slide Guitar
Dallas Royall – Drums



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