RIP-N-TEAR ‎– Hard Love [Digitally Remastered] (2020)

RIP-N-TEAR ‎– Hard Love [Digitally Remastered] (2020) full

RIP-N-TEAR was founded in the 80s in Phoenix, Arizona – the same city of great Icon, and a band they shared stages with – and released this album “Hard Love” but only distributed locally. Now it was time for a re-release, fully remastered.

The album is so dead on the mark musically, and it will put you right in front of the MTV top ten video countdown watching Dokken, Motley Crue & Van Halen waiting for Saturday night and the Headbanger’s Ball.
This is as authentic 80s hard rock / glam metal as you’re going to get, with a sound like a mix between early Twisted Sister and 1983’s Quiet Riot.

How they did not score a major deal back in the day is beyond us, with smokin’ tracks like “Fight”, “Watch Her Walk”, Hard Love” and “When You Calm Down” – certainly they deserved a chance.

“Hard Love” has it all; great hooks, the proper vocals for the genre, rippin’ guitars and a thunderous rhythm section will have you coming back for more and waking the neighbors well after midnight.
Highly Recommended


01 – Fight
02 – Home Late Again
03 – All Over Town
04 – Watch Her Walk
05 – Oh No, I Got Zero
06 – Hard Love
07 – She Cried
08 – When You Calm Down

Jim Seagrave – vocals
Fred Robinson – guitar
Mark Parks – guitar
Randy Bush – bass
Chris Casey – drums



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