RIOT – Rock World ; Rare & Unreleased 87-95 [Digipak] (2020)

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Guitar-driven songs, propelled by a shared conviction and a true love of music, is only one way to describe the latest album from metal soldiers RIOT / Mark Reale. Titled “Rock World ; Rare & Unreleased 87-95” here we have archive cuts from 1987-1995, a very interesting period for the band, hard rocking.
Freshly remastered, these are finished / properly recorded songs never used, alternate versions, and recordings of known songs but featuring featuring vocalist Tony Moore, so the audio quality is excellent (not demos)

This collection contains some until now unheard songs or alternate versions of classic Riot tracks, such as the lovely ‘Rockworld Theme’. Rockworld was a music tv show from the late 70s – Riot were approached to compose and record a track for the main theme. This track is a “lost” tune from the early Rot hard rockin’ era.

‘Buried Alive (Tell Tale Heart) (Alternate Version)’ has a different arrangement than the album version – the intro heard on the “Thundersteel” record was originally intended as the end of the song, but was ultimately moved to the start.
‘Runaway (Instrumental Early Idea Demo)’ is a fantastic instrumental from guitarist Mark Reale. The musical theme became the basis for the song “Runaway” which was released on the “Privilege Of Power” album.

‘Killer (Tony Moore Vocals)’ differs from the version found on “Privilege Of Power” as it features Tony Moore providing all vocals, instead of the trade off with Joe Lynn Turner.
Also there’s the Tony Moore recorded takes of ‘Medicine Man’, ‘Magic Maker’ and ‘Faded Hero’. These 3 were taped for the follow up to “Privilege Of Power” prior to Tony Moore departing the band. All 3 were re-cut for the “Nightbreaker” record with Mike Dimeo on vocals.
The songs gives a glimpse into how things might have turned out had Tony stayed.

‘Maryanne’ is a highlight of the “Privilege” record, should have been a single/video … coulda been huge! This different, raw mix shows the song in a slightly more formative stage.

‘Sylvia (Outtake)’, ‘Good Lovin (Outtake)’ and ‘Creep (Instrumental Outtake)’ are taken from the ‘Nightbreaker’ sessions, none of these made it to the final release in any of its numerous issues.
My favorite, the melodic hard rocker ‘Sylvia’ could have made it to the record, it appeared years later in 2000 as a bonus track on an unsanctioned live release, while ‘Good Lovin’ shows the band once again experimenting with brass.
Finally “Creep” is an instrumental track of which little is known.

‘Instrumental 1994 (Brethren Outtake)’ is an instrumental outtake from the “Long House” sessions, never was developed any further, but cool nonetheless.
‘Medicine Man (Tyrant Sessions)’ and ‘Magic Maker (Tyrant Sessions)’ featured Jag Panzer vocalist Harry ‘Tyrant’ Conklin. Recorded while the band were looking for a singer to replace Tony Moore… the job ultimately went to Mike Dimeo.

Except for founder member / true Riot main man and unique guitarist Mark Reale, the personnel for ‘Rock World – Rare & Unreleased 87 – 95’ varies depending on the time frame and the song.
Very good stuff never heard before.
Highly Recommended


01 – Rockworld Theme
02 – Bloodstreets (Alternate Version)
03 – Buried Alive (Tell Tale Heart) (Alternate Version)
04 – Runaway (Instrumental Early Idea Demo)
05 – Killer (Tony Moore Vocals)
06 – Maryanne (Rough Mix)
07 – Medicine Man (Tony Moore Vocals)
08 – Magic Maker (Tony Moore Vocals)
09 – Faded Hero (Tony Moore Vocals)
10 – Sylvia (Outtake)
11 – Good Lovin (Outtake)
12 – Creep (Instrumental Outtake)
13 – Instrumental 1994 (Brethren Outtake)
14 – Medicine Man (Tyrant Sessions)
15 – Magic Maker (Tyrant Sessions)



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