DIZZY LANE – Cheap Thrills + It Ain’t Easy [Digitally Remastered] (2018)

DIZZY LANE - Cheap Thrills + It Ain't Easy [Digitally Remastered] full

This remastered reissue of USA melodic hard rockers DIZZY LANE packs every song the band ever laid to tape, including their first EP ‘It Ain’t Easy’ and full length album ‘Cheap Thrills’, plus two unreleased tracks.
While both albums sold very well despite of being indie released (Dizzy Lane were signed by Mercury / Polygram but the deal dropped) over the years these became collectors items.

Dizzy Lane formed in 1988 near Oshkosh, WI. They played shows from South Dakota to Ohio and opened for bands like Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, Jackyl, Ted Nugent, Tuff, Styx, Ratt, Humble Pie & Accept. They also headlined a Festival in Milwaukee.
Via a small label the band released the first album called “It Ain’t Easy” which sold over 3,000 copies. “Cheap Thrills” followed, and sold over 10,000.
This attracted Mercury Records for a possible deal, but with the musical climate already changing, the label executives put the thumb down. A pity.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap cover artwork used for this reissue (I prefer the original featuring the band members).
One thing we can say for certain is these guys can play. The guitars shred, the bass rips and the drums crash down with reckless abandon all the while lead vocalist Scott Williams – a pillar of this band – sings his heart out.

Dizzy Lane mixes the second half of the ’80s hair metal with Californian glam metal, with influences ranging from Motley Crue, Ratt or early Enuff Z’Nuff to Keel, Lion and late 80s KISS.

DIZZY LANE - Cheap Thrills + It Ain't Easy [Digitally Remastered] back

Rocking melodic stuff from a very professional band, and both albums were really well recorded and mixed, so the remastering only get things better.
Highly Recommended


01 – Cheap Thrills
02 – Alone
03 – Take A Look At Me
04 – On The Run
05 – Dotted Line
06 – Stay With Me
07 – Fully Loaded
08 – Tuff
09 – Midnight Stroll
10 – Outlaw Kid
11 – Da Do Ya
12 – Shot Of Your Love
13 – Summer Vocation
14 – I’ve Had Enough
15 – It Ain’t Easy
16 – D.W.I.
17 – Battle Of Los Angeles (previously unreleased)
18 – Waiting For A Long Time (previously unreleased)

Scott Williams – Vocals, Guitar
Nick Summers – Guitar, Vocals
Brian Lemay – Bass, Vocals, Lead Vocals on track 5
Rob E. Dee Drums, Vocals
Additional Musicians:
Chris Marquardt – Drums
John Palecek – Bass
Brian Wiedow, Matt Hilgendorf – Backing Vocals



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