DIO – Angry Machines [2xCD Remastered Deluxe Edition] (2020)

DIO - Angry Machines [2xCD Remastered Deluxe Edition] (2020) full

DIO‘s ‘Angry Machines’ carries on the blend of hard rock and groove metal that 1994’s; Strange Highways’ introduced. The album is often seen as the epitome of mid-’90s metal desperation and Dio’s most obscure. This remastered deluxe edition features a bonus disc of live material from the ‘Angry Machines’ tour of 1997.

‘Angry Machines’ was released first in Japan on October 4, 1996 by Mercury Music Entertainment, and in the USA on October 15, 1996 on Mayhem Records.
It was the last studio album to feature original drummer Vinny Appice. Among my favorites the most powerful songs on this record are ‘Hunter of the Heart’ and ‘This is your Life’, the latter being a crushingly sad ballad for the ages.

‘Institutional Man’, the opener, offers a cool guitar riff, a nice bridge, and a very pounding bass line. The sound of the guitar is very thick, but in a good way. The more I listen to this song, the better it gets. Especially that guitar solo.
Then onto the much more lively ‘Don’t Tell the Kids’, which has amazing drumming from Vinny Appice, some shaming guitar work from Tracy G (Grijalva), and a pounding Jeff Pilson bass line. Very upbeat.

Onto ‘Hunter of the Heart’. Wow! What a bassline. Badass guitar work. Badass riff and powerful vocals and lyrics. “I’ve known you from the start, Hunter of the Heart”. I love this song.
Next we have the longest song on the album. Stay Out of My Mind. A seven minute underrated gem. The vocals are so powerful… pure Ronnie J.

“Every Sunday, double Monday”. Double Monday, the shortest, but most underrated song on the LP. Powerful lyrics and great vocal melody, with very gutsy guitar work and great rhythm section. ‘Dying in America’ has a nice acoustic intro and great distorted guitar work with great spark vocals to accompany the great instrumental section.

DIO - Angry Machines [2xCD Remastered Deluxe Edition] (2020) back

‘This is Your Life’ is the most inspirational, beautiful Dio song there is. It was originally written by Tracy G on guitar, but was stripped down to just piano by Scott Warren and Dio sing with some strings going in the back (Violin). It conveys an important message, which is to value your time on Earth, as life’s too short and it won’t last forever. As far as closers go, I’d say Angry Machines is the best Dio one, along with Shame on the Night on Holy Diver.

This is a very good, balanced remaster, while the previously unreleased live recordings rock hard (their take on ‘We Rock’ kills), all with a very good sound quality.
Highly Recommended


CD 1:
01 – Institutional Man (2019 – Remaster)
02 – Don’t Tell The Kids (2019 – Remaster)
03 – Black (2019 – Remaster)
04 – Hunter Of The Heart (2019 – Remaster)
05 – Stay Out Of My Mind (2019 – Remaster)
06 – Big Sister (2019 – Remaster)
07 – Double Monday (2019 – Remaster)
08 – Golden Rules (2019 – Remaster)
09 – Dying In America (2019 – Remaster)
10 – This Is Your Life (2019 – Remaster)

CD 2: Live on Angry Machines Tour
01 – Jesus Mary and The Holy Ghost / Straight Through The Heart
02 – Don’t Talk To Strangers
03 – Double Monday
04 – Hunter Of The Heart
05 – Holy Diver
06 – Heaven and Hell
07 – Long Live Rock and Roll
08 – Man On The Silver Mountain
09 – Rainbow In The Dark
10 – The Last In Line
11 – The Mob Rules
12 – We Rock

Ronnie James Dio – vocals
Tracy G – guitar
Jeff Pilson- bass
Vinny Appice – drums
Scott Warren – keys


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